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Make it so you can edit your Blog Posts

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    I like the idea of having Blog's here because there is a technically astute audience and it has built in support for latex. I would like it so I could put more detailed posts which are less conducive to discussion in the blog section well more general discussion could take place on these forums (perhaps with some reference to the details which were outlined in the blog post). I tried using the blog features, and the preview button wasn't rendering the formula's correctly and once I posted I was not able to edit my post. Would it be possible to get built in support for editing blog posts any time soon?
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    Hi John Creighto! :smile:

    Just use the preview facility on the Reply page of any thread, before finally pasting into the blog. :wink:
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    Re: previewing

    That didn't work for me because the latex was getting rendered to equations I previously typed on this form and not the ones I was putting in my blog posts. Anyway, I'm settng up my own personal wiki so maybe that would be a good place to sandbox before posting to the blog.
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