Make solid ice from supercooled water?

  1. Im having a discusion reguarding what temperature (celsius) supercooled water needs to be if it was to freeze completely solid. Going from liquid to solid "produces" heat. Therefor it is obvious that the temperature needs to be somewhat below zero.

    What temperature (celsius) is needed if all the supercooled water should turn into ice and stay at zero degrees afterwards?

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  3. The energy to warm M grams of supercooled water from minus X degrees C to 0 degrees C equals the energy given off when M grams of water at 0 degrees C turns into ice at 0 degrees C?
  4. Maybe it is more helpful to start with M grams of ice at 0 degrees C and then add energy E to turn the ice into M grams of water at 0 degrees C and then remove the same energy E from the water to bring it down to minus X degrees C?
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    Mmmmm.... I'd have thought that it would be the energy required to warm M gram of ice from minus X degrees C to 0 degrees C that has to balance the energy given off by the water turning to ice. The specific heat of ice is appreciably less than that of water.
  6. I think I had that backwards, yes?
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