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Making a radio that accesses the internet

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    I have a Worldspace radio receiver lying around and I listen to internet radio throughout the day using a PC....
    I was wondering if there was anyway I could modify the radio receiver and connect it to my modem so that it can access the internet and I can listen to internet radio without leaving the PC on all day!
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    I am no expert, but your radio is a wireless device. Internet is a digital link that need a lot of protocol. I doubt it is even close to compatible.

    Even if it is a wireless internet, I believe it is still running 802.11 format that has it's own protocol. It will be a huge project if it is even possible.

    I could be wrong, someone might know more.
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    Hmm.. not easy. You would need to put a computer inside the receiver in order to run a music-playing application.

    You might be better off with a table top, stand-alone internet radio. There are several around, like

    Some table-top internet radio

    This thingie costs only $60 (but of course will not have the same sound quality as a PC audio system) and does not require a PC - only a WiFi modem/router.

    Disclaimer: these table-top devices require either an Ethernet cable connection to your modem/router, or an existing WiFi network provided by your modem/router. Better check for compatibility before buying one.
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    Worldspace radio is proprietary broadcast radio and is no longer transmitting. It would be pretty much impossible to connect the device to a network connection to stream internet radio.
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    Thanks a lot.
    I guess I'll just drop this idea.
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