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Making an explosive volcano without chemicals? HELP!

  1. Mar 11, 2014 #1
    Making an explosive volcano without chemicals???? HELP!

    So heres the deal. I have to make a volcano that does not use chemicals or substances (potassium nitrate, baking soda, vinegar). It has to use mechanical parts to symbolize a volcanic eruption (ie springs for pressure). Any ideas? I have literally no thoughts on how to make it. I also want it to be impressive. Thanks for any help
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    It is not possible to make anything out of any material without chemicals - everything is a chemical.
    But I see what you mean - you want to get a model eruption without relying on a chemical reaction.

    You realize that real-life volcanos fit the project description - what principles do they use? (i.e. mechanical or pressure?) How do they exploit the principles? Can you think of something that does something similar on a smaller scale?

    Basically what you want is to get some model "magma" or something to come out the top of a papier mache cone yes? What sort of devices are there where some mechanical action causes a fluid to come out a hole?
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    Any ideas?
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    Simon Bridge

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    I'm not going to do you R&D for you.
    I've already pointed you in two good directions - the idea of these projects is that you get used to applying your own imagination. If I tell you what to do you won't learn.

    Seriously: if you don't know how to squirt fluids about, you have more serious problems than I can deal with.
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