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Making circuit diagram in LaTeX

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    I'am having problem making one line diagrams (Power Systems) in LaTeX, I will manage but it shure is troublesome and time consuming.

    I'am using the package tikz and circuitikz. Attached is a preview of what I would like to draw, and the code assosiated with it.

    What I would like is some sort of function/style for the "bus"(thick line), where each bus is a node with anchors assosiated with it. Where the node anchors are easily accessible for drawing connecting lines. Anyone got some ideas for a solution?

    I believe many textbooks use latex in their drawings, but is does not seem to look like circuitikz symbols. Are there any other packages out there for drawing electrical diagrams?

    - SirAskalot

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    Simon Bridge

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    look to the ctan website

    most often though, another graphics package is used to make the diagrams as an image that gets imported into the [itex]\LaTeX[/itex] document.
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