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Making sense of college class numbers?

  1. Oct 28, 2013 #1
    For instance, math 101 is beginning algebra, math 102 is intermediate, 103 is a reasoning course, 109 and 110 are both college algebra, but 109 comes with "modeling" and either are fine but one is preferred over the other. I just want math out of the way, and 109 is the only thing that fits my schedule, they both seem like the same sort of class, but I'll ask you people of there is much of a difference when one is "preferred" over the other?
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    Unless some PFs attend your particular university, we won't know what math 101 or math 10 whatever is. Different schools assign different numbers to classes; sometimes they assign none at all. If you want to figure out your schedule, sit down with your faculty advisor or get a catalog of your schools classes. You know what your major is and (I hope) what classes you are required to take.
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    I was mystified by the 'system' when I first started college, too! Like SteamKing said, the numbers mean nothing. (For example, google "Math 55". Only 55? Should be easy, right :devil:?)

    Btw, it's kind of frustrating when folks who don't know better write here asking, What should I take to best prepare me for analysis: Math 152, or Applied Math 174? With no course descriptions, how are we supposed to know?!

    Even more mystifying is the credit system. If first-year French is 5 credits, how can upper-level E&M be only 3 credits?
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    I have no doubt first year French is more difficilt. Upper level EM is just tiny little details about the same 4 equations you learn in lower level EM :p
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    So apparently the difference is that 110 is more science based, which is a shame because none of the classes meet my schedule.
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    Numbering systems don't always mean a lot. Higher numbers do not always correlate to a higher level class.

    For instance, the Calculus sequence at my school is Math 203, 204, and 205, with Intro Differential Equations being Math 211. Elementary Statistics is Math 240. This is a very basic Stats class that is algebra based. It's at a community college, and would transfer to most 4-year schools as a GenEd Math 100 type course. I've encountered people that seem to be under the impression that they're in a harder math class than me though, because they're in Math 240, and I'm 'only' in Math 203.

    Without seeing the descriptions, it's hard to really tell what a course is like.

    As Lisab mentioned, Math 55 is an infamously difficult class, and is highly regarded as being one of the most difficult undergraduate math classes in the country. Yet it's only Math 55, so it should be easy, right?
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