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Making the article available on arXiv before submiting to journal

  1. Jun 13, 2014 #1
    Hello everyone,

    I recently finished my PhD and I have started publishing my new results.

    I have a very good paper that builds the background for several others. I submitted the paper to the 2nd important journal in my field and after 2 months none of the 3 reviewers responded and the journal rejected the paper on the ground that they do not have reviewers!

    Anyway it is getting too long:

    - I am worried that through the several review processes the content gets published by an unauthorized person (something that happened before and I hesitate to call names).

    - I want to publish the papers that are dependent on the main one but I do not want or can put the content of the main paper into the new ones. The main paper is long enough and the rest are long too.

    The questions:

    1- Is it proper to make the draft of my main article available on arXiv even before submission to the (elsevier) journal? Should I remove it after it gets published in the journal?

    2- What are the legal/ethical/academic/* implications (cons and pros)?

    Thank you for your help.
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    It is common practice to upload to arXiv prior to publication. That's why arXiv is called a "preprint server". In my experience, all journals explicitly state their policy towards publication on preprint servers somewhere (FAQ, rules for publishing, ...). All I published in allow it with minor constraints (e.g. that you must link to the real publication, later - which usually is in the author's interes anyhow). Given that pre-publishing on arXiv is the norm there are no implications relative to the default state.
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    Thank you Timo.

    I checked an it seems Elsevier, Springer, Wiley and Sons, AIP, ... all allow publishing the pre-print on arXiv.

    However it seems only one of the arXiv licenses is acceptable:

    These license are not allowed for pre-prints by most publications (since they do not allow transfer of copyright to those journals):

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    I haven't encountered such difficulties with other journals as far as I know with regards to that. In fact, by putting it on ArXiv would satisfied many requirements of public funded work that demand that they publication be available to the public.

    Let's be clear on this. Journals such as the Phys. Rev. journals and many others have no issues with the preprint appearing first on ArXiv.

    However, I would also put a caveat on that claim with two journals: Science and Nature. It is a common practice by many authors to put an embargo on the preprint until it is accepted. Once it is published, then the manuscript is often uploaded to ArXiv. This is done not because Science and Nature prohibit such distribution, but because they have a stricter policy on the content of a manuscript that might be picked up by another source or news organization. If that happens before your paper is published, then those journals may refuse publication. So putting it on ArXiv, or anywhere else, before it is published is a risk.

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    I concur with what has been said. I've never come across a physics journal that wouldn't accept a paper already in the arXiv. Many journals now even offer the option of fetching your submission from the arXiv instead of uploading the files to their website.

    Note however that some journals will not allow you to put in the arXiv the revised version after comments from the referees, but many journals do.

    You can't remove a paper from the arXiv. It's there to stay.
  7. Jun 13, 2014 #6
    Thank you ZapperZ and DrClaude for your time.
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