What is Arxiv: Definition and 56 Discussions

arXiv (pronounced "archive"—the X represents the Greek letter chi [χ]) is an open-access repository of electronic preprints and postprints (known as e-prints) approved for posting after moderation, but not peer review. It consists of scientific papers in the fields of mathematics, physics, astronomy, electrical engineering, computer science, quantitative biology, statistics, mathematical finance and economics, which can be accessed online. In many fields of mathematics and physics, almost all scientific papers are self-archived on the arXiv repository before publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Some publishers also grant permission for authors to archive the peer-reviewed postprint. Begun on August 14, 1991, arXiv.org passed the half-million-article milestone on October 3, 2008, and had hit a million by the end of 2014.
As of April 2021, the submission rate is about 16,000 articles per month.

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  1. Haorong Wu

    Can I submit my paper to arXiv if it has been accepted by a journal?

    Hi. My paper has just been accepted by PRD. Can I still submit this manuscript to arXiv? Will this action violate any copyright? Thanks.
  2. MevsEinstein

    Other How and where do I get endorsement for arXiv?

    So I think I found a proof for the Goldbach Conjecture and I want to publish it on arXiv after getting rid of all the small mistakes. But first I need endorsement. How can I prove I deserve it and where can I find someone I can prove to?
  3. S

    My arXiv preprint on a crewed interstellar spacecraft

    Hi everybody, I would like to share with you a crewed interstellar spacecraft which I have designed and called Solar One. It employs a combination of 3 propulsion methods: nuclear fusion, beam-powered propulsion , and photon propulsion. Basically, several compact fusion reactors power a...
  4. C

    I Find Experimental Results for Physics Project

    I'm a physics student in undergrad. For a project in our class in which we propose an experiment (which we will not actually perform and we can use resources we don't have access too for the "experiment") and base it on existing research for that topic. I am searching on ads and arxiv, so far I...
  5. B

    Free (e.g. arxiv) vs. paid journals?

    Suppose I wanted to publish a physics paper. It costs nothing to publish to arxiv. Why (setting aside the obvious advantage offered by peer review and the mistakes it can catch) would I publish in a pay-journal if I have something that is free? Sorry if this is an ignorant question. I am trying...
  6. Dadface

    The pros and cons of pop science

    When anyone on PF gets involved in a debate and uses pop science to back up their argument their opinion is usually immediately rejected on the grounds that pop science as a source is unreliable and lacking in the necessary detail. Only peer reviewed works are accepted and in general that's...
  7. S

    News Establishing the existence of a manuscript with a timestamp (arXiv)

    As an alternative to posting on arXiv (due to the endorsement requirement, mainly) -- how sound are the following methods : 1. Use a blockchain based service like stamp.io ... then upload / share on blog, web page, whatever 2. Self-publish a small e-book on Amazon, for example.
  8. Dr. Courtney

    Is arXiv down, or is it just me? (Sun 1 Oct 2017)

    Can't get to some papers. No response at all from the site. Most other sites are working for me. Anyone else have insight?
  9. Dadface

    Can arXiv papers be considered as reliable sources of information?

    Is it correct to assume that, in general, authors who have papers accepted by arXiv eventually try to get their work published in a journal? If so what should we make of arXiv papers which apparently do not get accepted by any journals? Should we take those papers as seriously as we would take a...
  10. W

    I Relations resolves singularity -- new paper on arxiv

    A new paper on arXiv today claims that relationsism allows one to evolve the universe through the big bang. Alas I am not familiar with relationsism, is it related to shape dynamics? can anyone explain? https://arxiv.org/pdf/1607.02460v1.pdf
  11. P

    Admissions Should I read (if yes, how) arxiv as a freshman?

    I just graduated high school and will be starting my university studies in Physics. Now, I came across the site a while back and was just thinking of reading at least 1 paper everyday. By doing this, I feel like I'll be updated on what's happening in Physics currently (which field and which...
  12. mfb

    ArXiv crackpot filter developed by accident

    A very interesting blog post (from @hossi). A program that helps sorting arXiv submissions into categories frequently struggles with crackpot submissions - because they do not fit in anywhere. The program was never designed for it, but is helps finding them.
  13. White_Wolf

    Other Arxiv Endorsement for Gr-qc Group: Requesting Support for Publishing

    I need endorsement in order to publish on arxiv but endorsers there do not answer e-mails. The group is gr-qc.
  14. A

    May a layman post a scientific manuscript in arXiv?

    May a layman post a scientific manuscript (regarding cosmology) in "arXiv"? Will it be properly reviewed? Thank you, if you know the answer.
  15. G

    Open Access Publishing in Physics: Benefits & Platforms

    Hi there, I'm trying to dip my feet into the worlds of publishing in physics (quantum theory/mathematical physics) and I would like to make sure that it's available for anyone who wants to read it. I know one of the paths many researchers take is that they send their article to a big journal...
  16. Nick666

    Arxiv: No Bell, no collapse, no spooky, no nonlocality

    http://arxiv.org/pdf/1308.5290v2.pdf I'll just highlight some stuff " "We submit: Doesn’t quantum theory itself, which is a local theory, account for its own predictions? As the authors of this quote know very well, experi- mental data contradict Bell’s theorem [22,23], which im- plies that —...
  17. W

    Making the article available on arXiv before submiting to journal

    Hello everyone, I recently finished my PhD and I have started publishing my new results. I have a very good paper that builds the background for several others. I submitted the paper to the 2nd important journal in my field and after 2 months none of the 3 reviewers responded and the journal...
  18. mesa

    Is it okay to post just identities on arXiv?

    If I have some new identities that are very powerful but don't have time to go into the details is it okay to simply post just the functions on arXiv for now? A quick check on wolfram as to the validity of the functions will confirm all my work.
  19. Greg Bernhardt

    Visualisation of every paper on the arXiv

    A map of 865,906 scientific papers from the arXiv Click here for the big map http://paperscape.org/
  20. Chronos

    Arxiv Access Denied: Experiencing Unwarranted Restrictions?

    Today my arxiv access priveleges were denied, evidently for botting. While flattered, the truth is I have no idea how to bot. Anyone else experience this?
  21. S

    Submitting on arXiv before Physical Review B

    Dear All, I wonder if there are any constraints about posting a paper draft on arXiv before the submission to PRB? If there is any legal constraints what are they? What other things which may affect the paper's publication? for example: Editors not feeling excited about the paper because it...
  22. S

    Help with ARXIV Account Suspension & Submitting Pre-Prints

    I have submitted a maths paper at ARXIV, but now I find my paper was deleted with an admin note: withdrawn by arxiv admin due to use of pseudonym against arXiv policy In fact, I have no English name, I do not want to use Chinese spelling, so I write my name as Strongart which I have used at...
  23. A

    Appealing arXiv moderators decisions

    I have long been working on a paper and sent it into a total of seven journals. The first two tries resulted in some feedback, and at the third try I managed to get to the peer review phase. At my last four attempts I got it back without feedback at two occasions. Once I had already sent it...
  24. A

    ArXiv and academic affiliation

    I do have a research article that is descent and a contact that is willing to endorse me into the relevant archive at Arxiv. What I do not have is an official academic affiliation with a research organization. When trying to set up an account on Arxiv I first get the warning that I am using...
  25. J

    A peer-review system for the ArXiv?

    The scientific publication scheme is clearly faulty. Although most research in fundamental science is funded by the taxpayer, the average citizen does not have access to the results. Scientific journals are typically quite expensive, although they offer little-to-nothing added value: authoring...
  26. L

    Can I Consolidate My Arxiv Papers Under One Author Name?

    Hi, Not sure if this is the place to ask, but if you have one paper published under J.Bloggs, and another under Joe Bloggs on the arxiv is there a way to consolidate things such that if someone clicks your name on one paper all papers will come up? or make it so if someone searches for...
  27. C

    How to list arXiv papers on NSF final report

    I had NSF fellowship for the period of 2009 -- 2011, and now I have to fill out final report. When I am trying to fill out the section "publications and products" of my NSF report, it gives me four options: a) Journal publications b) Books c) Internet dissemination d) Other specific...
  28. N

    Getting an Arxiv Endorsement Code - Neel's Guide

    Hi all, I have written a paper which I wanted to put in arxiv classical physics section. I sent an endorsement request to an endorser in the relevant section and he agreed to endorse the paper in arxiv. He asked me to send him the 6 character alphanumeric endorsement code as suggested...
  29. Aaronvan

    Engineering equivalent to ArXiv?

    I'm wondering of there is an open access archive of engineering topics, similar to ArXiv. Does anyone have any information?
  30. H

    Is arXiv a Peer-Reviewed Archive of Pre-Publication Papers?

    Can someone explain just what is arxiv? I can see it is an archive of papers, but is it peer reviewed? Is it all and only "pre-publication"? [If yes, do they remove papers then when published in peer reviewed journals?]
  31. E

    ArXiv Endorsers: Experiences, Fairness & Rewards

    Do you have any experiences with arXiv and endorsers. Let us assume that I write a correct article, but not with the best clarity and grammar. If an endorser accepts my article, can a moderator reject the article and take away his endorsment? Is it a habit to pay to endorser for his time...
  32. V

    Enhance Your arXiv Experience with an E-Ink E-Reader

    Has anybody tried using arXiv on a web-capable e-ink e-reader? Like many others here, I'm on the brink of getting an e-reader. Most of the discussions I've seen about e-reading tough pdf's involve editing them with lots of third-party software to make them readable. My question is, can any...
  33. C

    BRS: Some Recent GTR-Related arXiv Eprints

    I'd like to initiate a new "running thread" in the nonpublic BRS subforum, similar to the one maintained by marcus and some others in "Beyond the Standard Model" public subforum, but focusing on eprints related to gtr. I hope to try to explain for SA/Ms (without the distractions from questions...
  34. marcus

    Rachel Lash Maitra's first arxiv paper opens new line

    Lash Maitra is a postdoc in Loll's group at Utrecht. Her first paper just posted on arxiv was an eyeopener for me, so here's for sharing if you want: http://arxiv.org/abs/0910.2117 Can causal dynamical triangulations probe factor-ordering issues? R L Maitra 12 pages (Submitted on 12 Oct 2009)...
  35. L

    ArXiv - I need an endorser

    I am an italian undergraduate maths student. I have recently written two brief mathematical papers on prime numbers. In the first one, I have proved a simple method to solve the factoring problem (that is, given the product p of two primes a and b, find a and b). In the second one, I have...
  36. fluidistic

    Orthographic critique about an arxiv paper

    I didn't know where to post this question, so I'm sorry if I did it in the wrong section. I've fell over the following paper : http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/0907/0907.2790.pdf. I don't know if it's just me, or the paper has plenty of orthographic errors and some incomprehensible...
  37. arivero

    Lets write an arxiv paper

    I want to do a Kaluza Klein exercise but I am afraid I am too lazy to finish any work if not under pressure. So I was thinking, perhaps it could be done here, collaboratively, and signed by all collaborators (the ones wishing/willing to sign; others can be just acknowledged or even remain...
  38. J

    Arxiv that is concerned with so-called Unparticle

    There is an activity in arxiv that is concerned with so-called Unparticles, which are defined as some scale invariant stuff with rather strange behaviour. Does anybody know what is meant in the strict math sense? As was shown by Wigner long ago, Quantum Mechanics plus Special Relativity...
  39. marcus

    Suggestion to discuss arXiv 0804.0252

    http://arxiv.org/abs/0804.0252 I would appreciate hearing some comment on this one. It joins up CDT (causal dynamical triangulations, Renate Loll's approach) with noncritical string (field) theory. "A novel continuum theory of two-dimensional quantum gravity, based on a version of Causal...
  40. B

    Need an Arxiv endorsement for preprinting my paper

    Hi, I've just completed a paper looking at the possiblity of adding a new force between neutrinos. And I'm looking to get an Endorsement from a publishing physicist so i can uploaded it to arXiv. Its almost an fully orignal idea, although L.M. Slad, did derive a similar force, he didn't look...
  41. B

    Is the arxiv search engine user-friendly?

    In a completely different thread: :yuck: Incidently my current job involves customizing and deploying search engines in large companies. Funny you mention the search facility of arxiv which is probably one of the worst I can think of. Pasting the article title into the title search field and...
  42. marcus

    ArXiv Research Output Trends 2006 - Stats Visualization

    http://arxiv.org/Stats/hcamonthly.html the arxiv stats graph research output trends by field. they just updated for yearend 2006
  43. arivero

    Arxiv & Google Trends: Is There Other Trend Tool?

    Is there any other "trend tool" available in altavista or yahoo? This one is pretty fuzzy. Looking in google trends http://www.google.com/trends?q=arxiv%2C+%22physical+review%22%2C+%22prola%22&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all you can see an increase of searches for the arxiv...
  44. J

    Is Arxiv Any Good? | Investigating the Quality of Academic Archive

    I just searched arxiv for particular terms and had a look at some of the 'papers'. Shocking stuff in there, eg. a few pages of well known, simple analysis on some model. This doesn't constitute a paper. I thought you had to have recommendations to put your stuff up there - but what does...
  45. R

    Dyson's 1951 text on arXiv

    Just started reading this online text (arxiv 0608140) and already ran into trouble in the second equation (see quoted below). The energy product of the wave function is negative. (Am I saying this correctly?) Dyson says "NR wave-mechanics tells you to take the equation E=\frac...
  46. marcus

    Arivero: Quantum Area & Time Bounds in Relativistic QM

    http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0603123 Some bounds extracted from a quantum of area Alejandro Rivero 10 pages, no figures "Asking very elementary relativistic quantum mechanics to meet quantums of area and time, it is possible to observe at a general level: a) the seesaw bound for the mass of...
  47. marcus

    Discover reports ArXiv dispute

    Discover magazine online reports the discussion of how much you have to publish in order for your blog to be considered part of scholarly discourse and accorded arxiv trackbacks. Discover sampled threads from three websites discussing the issues. They included for example this statement by Lee...
  48. marcus

    Arxiv stats for 2005 are ready

    http://arxiv.org/Stats/ they plot the average monthly posting rate for preprints in several categories: hep, astro, mathphys, condensedmatter the solid bar is the actual posting in that category, the blank part is crossposting from other categories so looking at the solid blue, for...
  49. marcus

    Arxiv: new categories and reorganization

    http://arxiv.org/new/physics.html Jacques Distler alerts us to this, on his blog. The advisory committee has proposed a whole different bunch of categories quantum field theory on CURVED spacetime is here: "physics.GR Gravity (Donald Marolf, Matt Visser) general relativity and...
  50. garrett

    Discussing New Arxiv Papers on PhysicsForums: Possibilities & Challenges

    I've been musing for awhile about using physicsforums as a place to discuss papers that come out on the arxiv. After lurking a bit, it does look like the right place for it. Now a recent development makes this possibility even more interesting: the arxiv now uses trackback, and attaches the...