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Management Trainee Position: A good start for freshman ?

  1. Jun 30, 2012 #1
    I am about to graduate with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with three possible paths:

    - A confirmed offer as Design Engineering Trainee at a small design company which takes outsourced design projects related to industrial design and automotive

    - A prospective offer from a multinational (not confirmed) for management trainee (work related to production etc)

    Although I myself can form opinion about which position is better, I wanted to hear it from experienced people that what would be my future after both of these positions if I take them up. As a professional, which job is it that is going to help me make a mark and go forward. I also plan to for higher education after some years but that's irrelevant in helping me chosing what position to go for. Can someone throw some light on possibilities in both jobs?

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    It depends where you want to make your mark. The basic choice is between solving problems yourself, or motivating other people to solve problems for you.

    You might also think about the fact that you have probably learned a little bit about design engineering from your ME course (don't get the idea that you have leared "a liot" about any sort of real world engineering from a university course!) compuared with zero about management.

    If you start out in a technical position, there shouldn't be any issues moving into a management position after a few years. In fact that is quite a common career progression. But if you start out as a management trainee, it will be harder to move the other way if you find out that "doing management" doesn't float your boat.
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