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Many paths don’t have contribution… because the life is not quantum

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    Hi everybody!!!

    First, this is not about physics in a strict way. I mean, I have a lot of question about decision in my life, and then I want to know some point of view. So if you tell me your opinion, I will be really grateful.
    I finished physics the last year, I was working in high energy, and in my final project I did classical exercise with renormalization. In that moment I dislike about particles. I mean, High energy has its charm (like quark XD) but for me is really abstract think about quantum fields. Particles and things like that. From that moment I am not sure about my tastes... Quantum was interesting but... Statistical Mechanics in the same way, I think I had bad teachers, because they don´t have the best attitude, or maybe Physics is not for me, Anyway, In these Months I was visiting the doctor because I was stressed and I needed a special treatment… I thought about my past, my present and my future.

    My present...
    Well, by one on the hand, I have begun with some applications in nanotechnology in Spain (I am from South America) but I was not accepted. Two weeks ago, I took TOEFL test, because I need it for some applications, I am waiting scores. I have read about master in Holland, the research in media technology sounds interesting, but I need a good TOEFL score and specific requirements to apply to scholarship. And new problems Appear… first, my GPA (I feel a shiver) is around 2.96, and this is not good. I was a moderate student because I preferred to do different thing rather than take physics books. But, when I studied in a right way, I had good grades, but that did not happen very often. It is not useful regret now.
    On the other hand, a lot of people tell me that I should take a master in geophysics, because the work is well paid. I have been talking with a teacher, and she tells me always the same “rocks, mine, tectonics plate” and for me that doesn’t sound interesting…. The thing is: my parents tell me that I should take some master and think in my future (money). But I think is more important do exciting things than take a master to obtain the best Job. (From my point of view). But I understant, Money is important in life for living with some amenities. Other problem? yes!!.. my cousin finished in July his master in Brazil, and Now he is beginning doctorate in Spain (We will have a neutrin expert). And people say things...... for me it doesn't matter their comments, but for my parents is different.

    I don’t have a good job in this moment, I am earning some money, but this is not my dream, I work with a friend teach calculus and physics for some guys, and I have understood that teach is really hard and it needs a lot of patience (This Job is informal). If you ask me about my tastes, I will tell you I like programming, and applied physics. But I don’t know universities where I can begin master with my GPA, and need to obtain a good score (>90)in a TOEFL. When I read it, I think a problem with multiple boundary conditions. What do you think is the solution? (Remember is unique and maybe continuous XD). Finally if you were me, What would you do? Will take geophysics?? Should I Think in another career?? But I feel science is my passion...

    Thanks for your comments!!
    Pursue your dreams!!

    PD iI really appreciate your comments. Sorry for my English.
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    I can forgive your English. I'm less sure about your use of Comic Sans....

    If you aren't interested in geophysics, why would you even think of studying it? From what you say, you aren't the type of person who can work hard at things that you don't find interesting, so I doubt if you'd do well in that field.

    I know it's a cliche, but it's important to work on things you find interesting.
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    Thanks!! I'm so sorry if my english had problems.....

    I understand your point, but the question is maybe a internal dilemma. What is that exciting thing that I want to do? I don't know, Sometimes I remember the film about Patch Adams when He said that he could not find anything to do a good job. I hate think in money to do things, but sometimes money and well-being allow to consider other possibilities, and for this reason I think in geophysics.
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    Well, if you can't find something to do that you are passionate about, you need to learn to work hard and focus on things you find less interesting. Honestly, a 2.96 GPA will not impress anyone with your ability. In the US, many graduate schools flatly refuse to admit applicants with less than a 3.0 average. (You are close to this... but 3.0 isn't competitive, it's the barest of bare minimums.)

    Oh, and taking life lessons from Hollywood movies is probably a bad idea.
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    TMFKAN64... Thanks for your words...

    You have reason, I should learn to work hard some years ago. Yeah, I understand that I did in the university. I know I have a poor GPA. but time has a unique direction, then I can't back in time and change my actions. Now, I just must learn about them. And make a better future. But,It is hard sometimes. DO you think life is a linear process?

    ... Sometimes Grades don´t have sense. I remember my PDE course. I loved that subject, and I worked hard. I had a partner and he always copied from books, and never given a good point in class about a way to solve equations. Conclusion, he had a good grade. 4.5/5, but he didn´t learn anything. I don´t want to give a excuse for my GPA, because I didn´t do things in the best way, but things like that are hard to understand.

    well, Hollywood movies are just for fun, but sometimes One can feel identified with some situation, this is diferent of taking life lesson, but you can learn about them.... Films have that strange things of speaking with images. When I saw the last movie by Woody Allen, then I understood that the world has a "chaotic" order, and then whatever works for the moment...

    Thanks again....
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