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Mars in the future

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    I been wondering something. What would Mars be like in the next 1-3 billion years. As I understand Mars has CO2 and other gases in the polar ice caps and in the Martian soil. So would the increase of the suns heat sublime the polar caps and release gases buried in the Martian soil to temporarily thicken the Martian atmosphere? Maybe so liquid water could flow on the surface again, temporarily of course?
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    Mars does not currently have a thick enough atmosphere to allow water to flow and also due to extreme temperature variations. If if more CO2 was released from the ice caps I doubt in would be fast enough to help build up the atmosphere and would get stripped away possibly from the solar wind. Here is an the more info on the Atmosphere of Mars:


    One possible idea to terraform Mars was to send machines to convert the CO2 in the soil to a gas and release it in large amounts into the atmosphere but we would need to generate huge amounts of CO2.
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