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Master in Condensed Matter Physics

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Hi, I'm looking for a Master Degree (2 years) in Condensed Matter Physics (Theory oriented if possible), starting in Autumn 2012.
I was thinking about Europe (e.g. Germany, France), but unfortunately I don't know the most active Universities in this field of research, for this reason I'm asking You, thanks.
Does anybody know something? Maybe I've been too specific...

Look into Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Normale Superieure. The latter has a "selection internationale", where if one is selected, they are awarded a ~1300 euros stipend as well as the "eleve normalien" status. It's very competitive, mind. To gain further insight about the programs, you should try contacting alumni and current students.
Does anybody know something? Maybe I've been too specific...
On the contrary, you're post is too general.
Every major university is doing research into condensed matter physics in one form or another.

This might be of use:

http://www.daad.de/deutschland/studienangebote/international-programmes/07535.en.html [Broken]
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Ok, I'll try to be more precise.

I'm looking for a Master in Physics, and I want to know what are the most renowned Universities in Condensed Matter Physics Theory, at a European level.

The problem is that a lot of graduate schools have programs in Condensed Matter, how do You choose between them?

@Magres I went on Ecole's site, but as long as my memories of french language are reliable, I only found a Master in Material Sciences, It is without doubt an attractive University but I was searching something more focused on Condensed Matter, I will evaluate it anyway, thanks.

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