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Programs Masters before PhD improving chances of admission?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I graduated from MIT in June as a double in physics and ChemE, but with a GPA of 3.1/4. I'm published and I have research experience, but my GPA still doesn't measure up to what I've seen other physics majors compete with. Add to that I'm in the navy and won't be able to start a PhD until 2013. I was thinking about doing a masters in applied physics (no thesis) at Johns Hopkins while I'm in the navy. Do you think better academic performance as a masters student would compensate for my low-ish GPA?
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    Your recent academic performance - good or bad - is usually given much stronger weight than older data. Take that FWIW. If nothing else, it could give you an immediate route for continuing your education.
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    If you do really well in your Masters program, it'll show PhD programs that you are able to handle graduate level courses. That, along with research experience, should improve your chances.
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