Masters in astronomy or astrophysics with a mechanical bachelor's degree?

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it is possible to do a masters degree in us in astronomy or astrophysics with a mechanical undergrad?
mechanical engineer with 60% aggregate and 10 backlogs// gre general test(440+790+3.5)// toefl 85+(exp)
right from my childhood i was interested in space sciences and space programs on t.v. and i always had a passion to seek a career in the same but i'm from a country(india) having no proper decent undergrad education in astrophysics or as a matter of fact in any physics/mathematics department, nor there are enough qualified people to teach those subjects, but now i seriously consider my chances(if any) to pursue a graduate degree or any other further education in the department to space sciences/astronomy/cosmology/astrophysics/planetary sciences. my first priority is usa but i am ready to goto any corner of the world if my chances are reduced. Also, in my country ets doesn't offer gre subject based test.
i came to know that there are only few universities in the usa which offer such courses and those few take in students with an excellent profile. is it true??

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There aren't many programs in the US offering a terminal masters in astronomy or astrophysics; most of them only admit for the PhD. Your physics and math coursework and physics GRE scores would be a lot more relevant to whether or not you'd have a shot at one. I know many students from India doing a PhD in the US, so I'm sure you can take the physics GRE there.
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My classical dynamics professor is from India. He went to the University of Colombia in Sri Lanka and then on to Cornell for graduate school.

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