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Master's in electrical engineering after bachelor's in mechanical engineering?

  1. Jan 11, 2012 #1

    Is it possible to get into master's program for electrical engineering (in North America) after completing a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering? The reason being is that I plan to pursue a bachelor's in mechanical engineering because that's the 'safe' degree for where I live (Calgary, AB - it's all about oil & gas), but mechanical engineering is my second preference next to electrical engineering.

    I know that out of pure interest, I would prefer EE (but that's not to say that I dislike ME, just not as much as EE), but the fields that I am interested in (high technology and communications) are very dead in Calgary. I have absolutely no interest to work in power. I just want to know that if I were to take some EE-like technical electives with my ME degree (ie. mechatronics), would I be able to get into a master's program for EE? I would most likely specialize in something like photonics for my masters, or anything related to high technology.

    Thank you!
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    Yes it is possible. I know a couple, personally (at the University of Saskatchewan). Note, however, you will most likely be at a disadvantage and may need some additional undergraduate knowledge in circuits to be able to do so. I would think that this would be dependent on who ever takes you on, given you find someone that will.
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    I know a guy who's doing this, he got interested in solid state devices and electronic materials so he took introductory courses in these along with some circuits, electronics, and signals. I know another guy who did the reverse and after statics, dynamics, material science, and mechanics of materials he was able to enter a master in mechanical engineering after his major in electrical.
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    If you are in North America, it is likely that you will have between 3-6 electives as part of your requirements for the BSME. I would use each of these opportunities to take courses from the EE department if possible. Discuss this with your advisor as you may need to 'petition for' these classes since they may be considered outside your major. Good luck, this sounds like fun! :smile:
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    Thanks for the replies!
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