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Courses Master's in engineering: coursework or thesis?

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    my current plan is to acquire a masters in engineering after getting masters in physics.

    the physics degree in my university is purely thesis based so I'm hoping I can get a taste of what it would be like to have an academic career from doing that.

    But after that I think I should get some experience in working in private companies, hence getting a master's degree in electrical engineering.
    I was looking at the coursework degrees and thesis degrees in the Australian National University. I'm wondering which one will be more practical in terms of preparing myself for employment.

    any thoughts?

    (i should mention that my undergrad degree is interdisciplinary of laser physics and electrical engineering)
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    Since you are already doing a thesis for your masters in physics, I would just do the non-thesis for your masters in engineering. This will probably save you some time.
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    oh i see, i guess at that stage it is basically about putting up one more line on my CV (on top of the actual learning experience)
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