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Masters in Physics and Astronomy with a BA in English

  1. Jun 30, 2015 #1
    I am a career switcher who is extremely interested in getting a masters astrophysics. I have an undergraduate in English with very few science credits (I took 8 units of geology). I am currently enrolled in community college taking as many science and physics classes as I can. Does anyone know how difficult a path this is to follow with out a BS? Thanks.
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    I have asked for this to be moved to Academic guidance :)
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    thank you
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    Well, for one there are very few schools that offer a terminal masters degree in physics or astrophysics. Most schools only take physics grad students into PhD programs.

    Unfortunately the science and math classes available at a community college aren't really sufficient to prepare one for graduate school in physics. The courses that one would take in an undergraduate physics degree are the prerequisites for the graduate level courses. It's often possible for someone in a similar field like engineering, chemistry, or mathematics to move into graduate studies in physics, but English is about as far away from astrophysics as it can get. With a lot of dedication and independent studying, it's possible. But it will be difficult.
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    Everyone will fail those classes without the bachelor classes. Even if some school allows it, don't do it.
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    I would not be optimistic, but the Physics GRE will tell you where you stand, as mentioned above.
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