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Masterselectricalelectronicswhats the difference

  1. Apr 25, 2015 #1
    I am from india ,pursuing electronics and communication degree...i wanted to do my MASTERS in USA..but but when i searched for courses for masters i only found courses for "computer science" and "electrical " ...I wanted to get masters degree in electronicsbranch....some fields like:
    1.chip designing
    3.micro controllers
    4.programming devices
    i dont want to have master s in electrical field..something like
    1.transormer building
    electrical appliences
    devices that deal with 240 volts or more....

    and i dont have any idea of wat computer engineering is....
    we dnt even have that branch in any college in india//...!!

    so guyz who ever see this please do reply..(0f u have an idea )...that would be really great
    thank you....:)

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    Check out the websites for various departments. Typically electronics appears under the department of electrical engineering.
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    At most school in the US that would be computer engineering, or a computer concentration in electrical.
    note: chip designing is more electrical and in some cases requires a slightly different skillset.
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