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Math/Physics Equation writing tool

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    Hey I was wondering if anybody had any tools that are downloadable for writing math or physics equations on a regular word document? Mabey something like latex writing? I use wordperfect office x3 by the way.
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    For wordperfect I have no idea. But microsoft comes with one (office) and so does Open Office (FREE & downloadable).
    I use openoffice myself, and when it gets beyone what it can handle I just export BMPs from mathematica.

    Otherwise look around, im sure someone has a latex plugin for WP.
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    Why not simply use latex for all your document needs?
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    Because not everyone has a LaTeX viewer, and some people I know either don't want one or don't know how to get one. Outside of using Microsoft's equation editor (which looks BAD but less so in 2007) I use a program called Latex2rtf to convert sometimes ( http://latex2rtf.sourceforge.net/ ). It works ok with simple equations, but if you have a complicated one with many different text sizes/exponents it may turn out strange. I should note finally that there is an artifacting issue when viewing equations made in Office 2007 on an older version - even after saving in 2003 format.
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    What do you mean by a LaTeX viewer? You can edit a tex file in any text editor, and then compile it to pdf.
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    I guess when I said that I had in mind that if you are co-authoring a document (or something) that that other author may not know/want to know how to use LaTeX and thus will not be able to directly edit the document. Of course they are text files, but one has to have software to convert them to a viewable format from the working file. I speak from experience in this case.
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    The software required is all free and easy to set up. In the past when I was working with someone who did not use LaTeX, I just told them to set it up, and helped them to do so if needed.
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    MathType is great.
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    I use This site which allows you to play around with latex, and when it’s output you can copy and paste the image into MSword or whatever you have.

    Just another option.
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    Perfect. Thanks alot :)
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    Thats basically perfect. Im also using this: http://www.dessci.com/en/products/mathtype/
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    Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 comes with an Equation Editor. To use it, you need to add the eq. editor icon to the toolbar. Later standard versions should have it. There are add-ons available for earlier editions. Click Tools/Customize/Commands/Insert/Equation Editor
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    I use WordPerfect Office, not Microsoft Office. Thanks anyways though :)
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    There is a tool called mathtype. A basic version of it, but sufficient for most uses is licensed as part of the Windows versions of MS Office and Corel's Office Suite. Microsoft switched to their own "in-house" equation editor with version 2007, but Corel still uses Mathtype. Just go to the "insert" menu in WordPerfect and select "equation".

    You can upgrade both office suites' equation editors, but the forum will not let me post the URL.
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    MathType is for M S Word. What if you use a M S Works wordprocessor or WordPad? Maybe any other Math typesetting program which will work well for them?
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    Actually, MathType is a professional math typesetting program. The version that comes with WordPerfect and MS Office 2003 (and earlier) are watered down versions. The full version of MathType can be used to embed equations in any program, including MS Works or Wordpad, via OLE.

    It is not a free program however. There are many free GNU alternatives; but like most GNU programs, they tend to lack either features, ease of use, or both. LaTeX is a powerful typesetting language for mathematics, and you can certainly find many LaTeX or MathML editors for free; however, they tend to be quite a bit more difficult to use.
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    Yes, you are right, there are also some latex wysiwym editer, which is corss-platform, please take a look at here http://wiki.lyx.org/uploads/LyX/Screencasts/Equation_Editor.htm
    I think it is faster than typing in Mathtype.
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