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Math/Physics vs Physics/Engineering double major?

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Which double major is generally more popular in college?
I'm considering either math and physics or physics and mechanical engineering.
I'm probably going to pursue a career in physics in grad school.

Answers and Replies

Maths/physics. I heard physics/engineering is nearly impossible, and more courses overlap in maths/physics.
I'm willing to bet you're a freshman or in high school. Why do you want a double major anyway? It won't get you any points when applying to physics grad school. All they care about is if you're a physics major.

If it's because you really like math, don't worry, you'll learn plenty math as a physics major. You don't have to commit to picking up a whole major and lengthen your degree just because of that interest, especially if it's moot in the endgame. Consider taking a some math as electives or picking up a minor.

Engineering is a little different than physics. If you're sure you want to be in the middle, consider schools that have an engineering physics or applied physics degree. Just keep in mind you're strongest for a PhD in physics with a physics BS. I know two people that did the physics+math and really, it made them know more math, but it didn't make them better physicists than the vanilla majors.
For a physics PhD and career as a physicist - definitely go with Physics/Math.

For all other careers and post grad choices, I would go with Engineering/Math or maybe Engineering/Physics.

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