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Math.PI comes up with cannot find symbol error

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    Math.PI comes up with "cannot find symbol" error

    class Pi {
    public static void main (String[] args) {

    float radius=Float.parseFloat(args[0]);
    float shortPi=(float) Math.PI;

    float circ= shortPi *(radius+radius);
    float area= shortPi *(radius*radius);

    System.out.print("with Pi commuted from " +Math.PI);
    System.out.println(" to " + shortPi + "...");
    System.out.println("A circle radius of " + circ + " cm");
    System.out.print("has a circumference of " +area+ "sq.cm");


    I get two "cannot find symbol" errors, both of which point to the use of Math.PI. Is there something else I need to do? Math.PI is suppose to be constant value worth 3.141592653589793
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    Re: Math.PI comes up with "cannot find symbol" error

    I don't know which programming language this is, but I suspect you need to put something at the start of your code to tell the compiler how to find the definition of "Math".
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    D H

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    Re: Math.PI comes up with "cannot find symbol" error

    DrGreg: This is java. Math.PI is a part of java.lang, so no declaration is needed.

    UltimateSomni: It's been a long time since I did java, but the opening line looks wrong. IIRC, class Pi should be public class Pi.
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    Re: Math.PI comes up with "cannot find symbol" error

    public class Pi leads to the same error in the command prompt

    It works for the IDE though.
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    Re: Math.PI comes up with "cannot find symbol" error

    The problem is probably not your code. There's problems in there, but none of them should be causing that problem. Your IDE seems to be doing things correctly. I suspect there's something wrong with your setup on the command line.

    What that problem is, I haven't a clue, as I don't have enough information to figure it out. You could try manually setting your classpath or something like that. I would guess it generally can't find the java libraries.

    You might take a close look at what your IDE is using as a command line to launch the program.
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