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Math subject guidance -- prerequisites for a physics class

  1. Dec 21, 2014 #1
    ok. so here is the plan. there is a class i want to take. but before i can take that class i need/want to learn bunch of stuff. The classes has bunch of pre-requisite classes that i want to learn. I want to learn them efficiently(dont confuse this with me rushing, if it takes time, so be it but i dont want to waste time doing something that isnt necessary)

    class i want to take is "foundation of theoretical physics.
    Classes i need to learn before that classes are( i intend to learn all of these, i need help on how much math for these classes)(also, these are all undergraduate courses)
    Modern physics
    Statistical and Thermal physics
    EM Waves

    The math classes i will be taking, but for right now, physics i more necessary. Do i absolutely have to take all the math classes to be able to do the physics listed above?

    Cal 3
    lineal Alg
    Diffeq I
    Diffeq II
    Real analysis I
    Real analysis II
    Probability & Statistics
    Vector Calc

    do i really have to take all the math classes in order to do the physics involved. or can i just learn bunch of things..

    please help
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    If you are set up on the quarter system you might have different class descriptions but here you would need to take calc1,2,3 diff eq1 and linear algebra. vector calc here is done in calc 2-3
    MATH 1834
    The first of a three
    course sequence in analytical geometry and calculus.
    Limits, Continuity, differentiation, integration, applications.

    A continuation of Calculus I, Analytical Geometry and Calculus.
    Applications and techniques of integration, sequences, and series, conics,
    parametric equations, polar coordinates, and vectors.

    Continuation of Calculus II. Vector
    valued functions, partial
    differentiation, multiple integration, line integral
    s, surface integrals.
    Green’s Theorem, the Divergence Theorem, and Stokes’ Theorem.

    All the physics you stated require differential equations 1 here.
    Not sure about the analysis classes since there are no prereqs stated but most of the upper level physics students are taking advanced calc and complex variables. (real and complex analysis)
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