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Math terms and how important are they in college?

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    I realized that one of my main problem is remembering terms like, whole numbers, rational numbers, etc. I was just wondering how important was it that I actually know these terms? I can do the math, just have problems with some of the terms.
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    How important is learning the names of diseases in medicine?
    How important is learning the names of compounds in chemistry?
    How important is learning the names of the constants in linguistics?

    Short answer: vital. Because people will write questions in words.
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    And also, because the definitions of the terms being used are very important in mathematics.
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    How is it best to learn the terms?
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    Memorize them.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    The best advice is not to always think of "the terms" as nouns. In mathematics, the definitions are often definitions of an entire phrase, such as "The greatest common divisor of two numbers A and B is..." or "The intersection of two sets A and B is...". If you focus only on one word in these definitions (such as "intersection" or "common") you loose track of the context of the definition.

    From an advanced point of view, mathematical definitions declare the equivalance of two statements , not he equivalance of a single word to a description. However, young children are taught definitions by giving them descriptions of single words and this habit persists among both students and teachers. So perhaps you are being instructed in that manner.
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    Alternatively, make them into recognizable odours.
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    They're important obviously, however it's nothing you can't learn quickly or as you're going. It's best to know it before hand so you're not playing catch up the whole time.
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