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Mathematica - 2D plot for function of 2 vars?

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    I have a function of two variables, f(a,b). I want to create a series of 2D plots (on the same plot) of f(a,b) vs a, for a=1 to 10, for a set of discrete values of b (e.g. b=10,20,50,100).

    Is there a simple way to do this? Plot3D works, but I cannot find how to do it in 2D.

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    Solved: Define a second function f1(b) with the same formula as f(a,b), and use:


    Does the job.

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    Also if you want to automoate it more you can make it a table:


    Makes a table of f1 as i goes from 1 to 100 by 5. Easier if you want a lot of them.
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    Thanks, useful improvement.
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