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Mathematica : Easy? Function that returns and increases counter.

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    I have a statement that looks like :


    Where vD is noncommutative (but that doesnt really matter)

    I want to replace it so that each vD becomes v[a].D[a]

    But I would like it so the "a" is not repeating. So I need somehow a function that each time it is run returns it with an increased index : v[a[1]].D[a[1]]
    So that
    vD.vD.vD /.{vD :> FXN}
    results in

    Does anyone know how to do this?
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    Would something like Product[v[a[j]].d[a[j]], {j, 1, 3}] work for you?
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    No, i need a replacement rule.

    Lets say my chain is like:

    chain = A.vD.B.C.vD.vD.E.F

    i want something so I can say:

    chain/.{vD:> XXXXX}

    where the result would be


    and then if I did it again, it would be


    So there is some hidden counter I can set "acount = 0"

    Then when I make a replacement rule, it not only replaces it, but increments the counter:

    chain/.{vD:> v[a[acount]].D[a[acount]];acount++;}

    but I cant force a command like a++ to run in a replacement rule, and if I make it a Do statement, I dont know how to return what I want....

    Ah, I just tried this and it worked!!
    chain /. {vD :> v[a[cnt]].DD[a[cnt++]]}

    So obviously simple Im an idiot :)
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    Aha. Yeah, I wondered if the product solution was too simple to suggest but then I remembered that I once spent an hour perfecting a recursive algorithm in java to format a text string before someone reminded me that I could just have used a string replace function.

    Nice solution, by the way.
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