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Mathematica: Evaluating integral

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    I need some assistance with the attached integral. I have tried performing it in Mathematica, but it doesn't give me the result in closed form. It just shows the integral.

    I have attached my notebook if someone wants to test it out. I would be very happy to recieve some feedback as I have spent many hours trying to make this work.


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    It has successfully done the two inner integrals and fails on the final integral.

    If I have not made a mistake then a substantially simplified version of your third integral is

    Integrate[(vZ*Erf[vZ]^2)/E^vZ^2, {vZ, 0, Infinity}]

    and there does not appear to be a closed form solution to that so I do not expect your actual problem has one either.
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    Thanks, I believe you are right.

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