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Mathematica: Im[z] = 0 if z is real?

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    Hi there!

    A stupid question maybe but I've found this issue neither in the Mathematica documentation nor in the web:

    I specified Element[z, Reals] but if I want to evaluate Im[z], Mathematica just says Im[z] again instead of 0. I tried Simplify, FullSimplify and Evaluate but nothing worked. I also tried Simplify[Im[z], Assumptions->{Element[z, Reals]}] but this didn't work either. Any ideas?

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    if its mathematica 6 or above

    $Assumptions = z \[Element] Reals;
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    "Simplify[Im[x], Assumptions -> {Element[x, Reals]}]"

    works on my version. says 0.
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    Thanks!! Simplify[Im[z], Assumptions -> {Element[z, Reals]}] now works fine... I don't know what I did yesterday...
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