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Schools Mathematics Online @ University of Arkansas - Little Rock

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    After months and months of research looking for a good mathematics degree online that's regionally accreditated, and I think I may have found a program that will set me up for grad school in mathematics and/or some other science. The program I found is at the University of Arkansas - Little Rock, which is a regionally accreditated school and a "legit" school according to the Department of Education. Anyways, I was hoping that some of y'all could take a look at the math requirements of the B.S. program:

    MATH 1302 College Algebra
    MATH 1451 Calculus I
    MATH 1303 Trigonometry
    MATH 1223 Introduction to Mathematics Software
    MATH 1452 Calculus II
    MATH 2453 Calculus III
    MATH 2310 Discrete Mathematics
    MATH 3322 Introduction to Differential Equations
    MATH 3312 Linear Algebra
    MATH 3310 Algebraic Structures I
    STAT 3352 Applied Statistics I
    MATH 4390 Senior Seminar
    MATH 4303 Advanced Calculus I
    MATH 4304 Advanced Calculus II
    MATH 4302 Complex Analysis or MATH 4310 Algebraic Structures II
    Upper-level Mathematics or Statistics course (3 hours)
    Upper-level electives (12 hours)

    Well, any feedback on the program at UALR would be greatly appreciated as I'd like to possibly enroll for the Spring 2009 or Summer 2009 semester if all goes well. Also, I understand that learning math entirely online will be a challenge, but I am willing to put in as much effort as required to earn my degree in math.

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    Looks commensurate to most of the schools around here.

    Is there a "complex variables" or other lower level complex numbers course before the Complex Analysis?

    Assuming 3-4 credit hours per course and beginning with Calc II as a freshman, you'll have up around 50 credit hours in Mathematics. I believe my alma mater (a private liberal arts college) required around 34 credit hours for a math major.

    Most of the non-technical State schools where I'm from have you putting in around 40 hours minimum for a general Maths major.
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    Most colleges probably don't count "College Algebra" and "Trigonometry" as part of their math major requirements. Their degree programs begin with calculus, and it's assumed that students have studied algebra and trig in high school. So to compare the total number of hours at UALR with other schools, you should subtract (probably) six credit hours, assuming they use a semester system.
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    Cod, have you looked into the online math programs at the University of Illinois at Springfield?

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    thanks for arranging this aschedule
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