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Mathematics/Physics v Math v Physics

  1. Aug 2, 2013 #1
    So i have applied for and been accepted on an MPhys Mathematics and Physics degree. I'm really happy but am also a little unsure as to whether i have made the right choice.

    My goal is to go straight from my MPhys to a PhD in Theoretical Physics.

    I have looked on the internet and advice seems to differ as to what is the best combination

    I have the option to change my choice early on in my first semester so i ask you this. What is my best option for a PhD in Theoretical Physics? A joint Mathematics and Physics degree? Or single Mathematics or Physics?

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    Why not tell us more about the subjects in this joint course.
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    I think A mathematical physics program could definitely be advantageous over just a physics degree but I am basing that on the name of the degree alone: we Know nothing about your program! what school is it? or how is it structured? give us some more information and maybe we can give you some real advice :)
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