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Homework Help: Matlab/C++ assignment help much needed!

  1. Jun 18, 2011 #1
    I'v got the following assignment through to complete my course. I'm a bit rusty so I am really having a hard time understanding what I'm supposed to be doing here. If someone can give me the brief, basic outline of how to complete this and if C++ or Matlab would be better/easier to do it in I would be very grateful. As I say my programming is rusty so would be the same as starting from scratch. I don't even know where to begin with this one!




    The file METSAT.HDR provided contains a single header subframe recorded directly in the
    department from a METEOSAT satellite. With reference to the supplied engineering manual: Meteosat High Resolution Image Dissemination, Technical Description, EUM TD 02 (Eumetsat, 2002), write a program, in C++ or Matlab, to check the synchronisation words and then determine:
    1. Which particular METEOSAT satellite originated the transmission
    2. The date and nominal image time of the transmission
    3. The image number from the start of the spacecraft mission.

    Finally, extract the administrative message contained within the last 800 bytes of the Interpretation Data Block. Present all results on the screen, and write the administrative message to a disk file in the current directory. This disk file should be named ADMIN.TXT.
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    What? You think we are mind readers here? Here's a wild guess at what you should do:

    1. Look at your supplied header data file.
    2. Read your manual to learn the format the data file uses.
    3. Using the information you learn about the data format, write a program to read the data and extract and display it in human readable form.
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    Hi Neil,

    Unfortunately, designing an algorithm is a huge part of every programming assignment. If we straight out give you the algorithm, it will only hurt you in the future. It would probably be more beneficial for you if you talk to your instructor or talk to your fellow classmates(if allowed). However, there's nothing wrong with simply making sure you understand what the problem is.

    Without knowing what what the format is for METSAT.HDR, it's impossible to answer this question. In order to parse a file, you'll need to know what the "rules" are. In other words, are the fields delimited by a special character? Are some fields optional? Is each field on its own line? Do any fields have spaces in them? etc..
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