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MATLAB Cubic Spline Interpolation

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    Hey guys,
    I got this assignment last week and have been doing every bit of research I can to try to figure out what I am supposed to be doing. I have found a lot of cubic spline interpolation (csi) write-ups including one on here but we don't have a book in this class to help understand how to do the program my teacher wants, it is supposed to include the Gauss method and pivoting and work with the .m files he provided. We just started using MATLAB last week so I feel like I am going in to this double blind, I have zero idea what I'm doing. So after countless hours of trying and getting nowhere I am here trying to find any direction I can get. ANY insight will be of great help. I included the assignment sheet and a .zip of all the .m files he gave us. THANK YOU!

    Here is the assignment (this can also be found in an attachment):
    In this project, you write a Matlab program cspline_curve(x,y). Given the arrays of x and y coordinates of the points, the program draws a curve by interpolating the points with piecewise parametric cubic curves. You should check the PowerPoint slides cspline_curve.pdf (attached). The figure below (look in Assignment.pdf) shows an example output. Points were generated with random(), which generates random numbers, and passed to the program. The program showed the blue curve by interpolating the red points.
    Submit: Printout of your finished
    cspline_curve(x,y) program and the image of the curve generated from random numbers.

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