Cubic Definition and 5 Discussions

CUBIC (abbreviation for “clear, unobstructed brain/body imaging cocktails and computational analysis) is a histology method that allows tissues to be transparent (process called “tissue clearing”). As a result it makes investigation of large biological samples with microscopy easier and faster.
The method was published in 2014 by Etsuo A. Susaki and Hiroki R. Ueda, primarily for use in neurobiology research of brains from model organisms like rodents or small primates. But in upcoming years there were other works published, using CUBIC method on other tissues like lymph nodes or mammary glands. CUBIC can be also combined with CLARITY-based tissue clearing methods.

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  1. Mohammad-gl

    A Cubic and monolayer difference

    What is the difference for example between cubic boron phosphide and monolayer boron phosphide?
  2. M

    B Why cubic?

    Why is a third degree polynomial called a cubic polynomial? I just don’t see the connection between 3 and a cube.
  3. TheOfficialAB

    Crystal phase transition, Diffraction peak splitting problem

    Homework Statement [/B] Hi there! This is a question from a practice problem sheet I got from the lecturer of my Condensed Matter 1 course. Below are the normal vectors to the {111} and {112} lattice planes: Homework Equations [/B] Bragg Condition: \begin{equation} n \lambda = d \sin...
  4. G

    Electric potential of a cube of 8 point charges

    Homework Statement Find the Electrostatic potential energy of a cubical configuration of point charges. (One charge on each corner of a cube). Each of the charges is 3.00e and the edge of the cube is 3 cm. Homework Equations U = kqQ/r The Attempt at a Solution I'm pretty sure I understand...
  5. U

    Cubic phase modulation of a gaussian beam

    Hi all, I'm reading a paper on light sheet microscopy, i won't go into detail here but they are generating the light sheet by use of an Airy beam. They are using a term i don't understand when describing how the airy beam is generated. Quote "An Airy beam can be generated through the Fourier...