MATLAB MATLAB Multiple Data Cursors in Figure

Say I command the following simple script:

figure; plot([1:12],[1:12],[1:12],[4:15])'

1. How can I create a data cursor on one curve that automatically creates a data cursor at the same x-axis value for the other curve without having to manually create (Alt-Click, then line up) a second Datatip?

2. Is there a way to drag one Datatip left and right and have all other Datatips drag left and right by the respective amount (i.e. link the data cursors together by the x-axis)?

The reason I ask is because I have six different curves per subplot (of which I have 3) per figure (of which I have 12) and I would like to minimize the time spent creating and lining up all of the data cursors in each figure.

Feel free to answer one or both of the questions. I feel they are closely related, and if you know the answer to one, you may know the answer to the other - hence my including them in the same thread.

Wrichik Basu

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This is difficult. Some websites are saying that you can do something with datacursormode. See here:
Here is one interesting Github file:

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