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Question about representation of data in Matlab

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    Hi everybody; I have plotted a matrix with sea surface temperature's correlation with another variable, the size is (360x180x12); using to plot :

    for i=1:12

    Now, I want to plot over it another matrix of the same size which contains the same data but only when it is significative; I think the comand quiver would be suitable for this, but when I try to use it, there is an error.

    for i=1:12
    hold on
    subplot(4,3,i); quiver(loni,lati, r4_sat_sign(:,:,i), r4_sat_sign(:,:,i));

    The error comes from the fact that I need to have the same size for all four variables, but I don't know how to manage it.

    Can someone please tell me how to properly use quiver here or sugest an alternative?
    Thanks for reading.
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