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Homework Help: Matlab Program to determine Age of object

  1. Oct 21, 2008 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Write a program to determine the age of an object given the creation date and todays date. The program must contain 6 user input statements (asking for year, month and date of creation, and year,month, todays date) and display the age of the object in days.

    I have already written functions to determine how many days are in a month and to determine if a year is a leapyear. The days in month function has the leap year function inside of it in cases of february

    I have the 6 input statement written and I am now stuggling with the code.

    I have this after the input statements:

    if month1 > month2 || ((month1==month2) && (date1>date2))
    years = (year2 - year1) - 1

    Where do I go from here and am I even doing this correctly?

    Month 1 is the creation month, month 2 is todays month, date 1 is creation date and date2 is todays date.
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    You know how many days are in a particular year, so all you have left is to calculate the number of days in the fraction of a year you have left. Just iterate through the months and add the days, keeping track of which year february is in if you happen to pass over a february in this fractional year. That's the trickiest part easily.
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