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MATLAB Simulink: Incomplete plot in scope

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    Often, after running a model in Simulink, the graph displayed in Scope is incomplete.. ie the initial portion of the graph is missing and only a part of the final portion remains.

    If I open the scope window as soon as the model starts running then I can see the graph being plotted but after a few s the initially plotted curve starts disappearing. Finally as the simulation ends, whatever was in the scope window lastly remains.

    The problem occurs only with signals of very high frequencies or complex systems. It doesn't occur with simple models. Is it some problem with the solvers? Is there some kind of memory limit on how much scope can display? pls help..
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    by default the number of data points to be stored in a scope block is limited (for me it was 5000, I don't know if that is a standard value). If a simulation produces more data points, only the last 5000 can be displayed.
    To be able to display all data, hit the scope parameters button, go to the history pane and uncheck the point "Limit data points to last" or edit a higher value.

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