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The Structural Classification of Proteins (SCOP) database is a largely manual classification of protein structural domains based on similarities of their structures and amino acid sequences. A motivation for this classification is to determine the evolutionary relationship between proteins. Proteins with the same shapes but having little sequence or functional similarity are placed in different superfamilies, and are assumed to have only a very distant common ancestor. Proteins having the same shape and some similarity of sequence and/or function are placed in "families", and are assumed to have a closer common ancestor.
Similar to CATH and Pfam databases, SCOP provides a classification of individual structural domains of proteins, rather than a classification of the entire proteins which may include a significant number of different domains.
The SCOP database is freely accessible on the internet. SCOP was created in 1994 in the Centre for Protein Engineering and the Laboratory of Molecular Biology. It was maintained by Alexey G. Murzin and his colleagues in the Centre for Protein Engineering until its closure in 2010 and subsequently at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England.The work on SCOP 1.75 has been discontinued in 2014. Since then SCOPe team from UC Berkeley has been responsible for updating the database in a compatible manner, with a combination of automated and manual methods. As of April 2019, the latest release is SCOPe 2.07 (March 2018).The new Structural Classification of Proteins version 2 (SCOP2) database was released at the beginning of 2020. The new update featured an improved database schema, a new API and modernised web interface. This was the most significant update by the Cambridge group since SCOP 1.75 and builds on the advances in schema from the SCOP 2 prototype.

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  1. M

    C/C++ Variable defined in scope gives error depending on scope

    Hi PF! The following runs if lines 5 and 11 are commented, but fails otherwise. Can someone explain what's happening here? Something with scope but I'm very lost. Thanks in advance! #include <iostream> int main() { { int* i = new int; { int b = 5; i...
  2. DaveC426913

    B Scope Eyepiece diameter for old eyes

    I have a friend who wants to replace his scope. Has a balcony overlooking the lake, so less about stars; more about Moon and terrestrial. So he's interested in a (right side up) refractor. He can save on the mount by getting an alt-az instead of an eq. He's looking at this 4" Celestron...
  3. DaveC426913

    Stargazing Just how crummy is this scope?

    I stumbled across this scope and was morbidly curious about the light gathering ability of such a tiny lens. I see it uses tracking and long exposure times to achieve its goals. https://igg.me/at/DWARFIIFB123/x#/faq But does it achieve them at all? "Based on the parameters of the camera...
  4. S

    How do Computer Algebra Systems handle the scope of variables?

    Computer languages handle the scope of variables in a precise way so that if one symbol, such as "k" is used in different contexts, the program keeps these separate. When sophisticated human beings re-use symbols in writing mathematics, they can keep things straight, but I don't think they...
  5. ohwilleke

    I Scope of General Relativity: Assumptions & Implications

    Assumptions 1. General Relativity is the modern and most complete widely accepted theory of gravitation, formulated in a background independent, geometric way. 2. General Relativity is formulated in a manner consistent with Special Relativity and I could imagine that it might be possible to...
  6. sophiecentaur

    B Learning to use a Solar Scope with an H alpha filter

    I just bought a Coronado and, typically, there are no sunspots to look at. If there were, then I could compare what I see in that dim dark red image with what my basic Baader shiny filter delivers. I understand that there's a learning process involved and I imagine all first-time users have had...
  7. Shadow89

    I In a rifle scope, why is the reticle at the focal point?

    In order for a conventional telescopic riflescope to function, it must invert the image two times. As a result, the light-rays traveling through the tube must meet at two focal points. With my limited knowledge of optics, i assume that parallell light going in through the objective will meet...
  8. G

    Hameg HM203-5 scope retrace fault

    This circa 1990 scope has started to display a retrace line when handling a sine wave. It’s only visible on the left 1/4 of the screen. The fault doesn’t appear when the square wave cal is used. Looking at the block diagram, and from initial thoughts, I’m guessing the blanking signal must be...
  9. L

    Generate sine wave with signal generator on scope

    I'm new to electronics, and using my new equiptment I would like to generate a sine signal on my function generator and display it on my oscilloscope. Equipment: * The scope is Rigol DS1054Z * Function generator is a $60 digital chinese. My problem is: When I plug connect the function...
  10. R

    IR spectra (in thermal scope vs IR spectroscopy)

    In thermal imager vs IR spectroscopy, they both look at the IR radiation of an object. What is the difference between the two.. I know IR spectroscopy look at the dipole moments of molecules. But in thermal imager.. do they also image the dipole moments of molecules? Also why you see images in...
  11. F

    Physics Is There a Career Scope for a Physics Major Beyond Being a Scientific Researcher?

    I want to know whether there is scope of Physics in the world as advertised. I want to become a Scientific Researcher but the dream seems too farfetched. Are these any benefits of having a Major in Physics if you don't turn out to be a scientific researcher?
  12. P

    What is the scope of analytical research in astrophysics?

    Nowadays much of the community of astronomy and astrophysics is focused on simulations and data analysis. Thus people, who do not have access to grids and data, must resort to analytical analysis. What are the challenging areas of astronomy and astrophysics that rely on analytical workout rather...
  13. Titan97

    Courses What is the scope for aerospace engineering?

    I am planning to join an undergraduate course in aerospace engineering. There are not much jobs in my country. I wish to do further studies in other countries (I don't want to stay here). I heard that getting jobs in other countries will be difficult because you need citizenship to work in their...
  14. Planobilly

    How does probe attenuation affect input impedance on a scope

    I assume the 10X setting to be the most useful with audio work. Comments?? My oscilloscope has 1M ohm input impedance when set at 10X as stated above. What is the likely impedance at 1X ? The manual indicates the above chart is based on the probe being set at 10X. As I am dealing with DC...
  15. S

    A reusable variable: still good to define in the scope that uses it?

    I'll give you an example. Let's say I have a snippet of code like while(*s2) { char* c = s1; while(*c++==*s2++); if(!*c) { flag=true; break; } else { flag=false; } } (which is a real snippet of...
  16. Planobilly

    Textronix 2205-40 scope rebuild question

    Hi Guys, I have a Textronix 2205-40 that was given to me. It turns on and there is a wide horizontal line so the CRT it self is working and no amplification. I have never tried to rebuild a scope. I looked at the service manual and it looks pretty complex. I have a new 100mhz digital scope and...
  17. P

    Clarification on the scope of control masses

    I understand that Thermodynamics studies systems at the macroscopic level, but I am still somewhat confused with respect to closed/isolated systems. Does nuclear radiation still count as a control volume? Our instructor asked if the ISS was technically a closed/open system. Would the constant...
  18. DaveC426913

    Is the Celestron Omni XLT 120 Refractor Telescope worth the investment?

    I've got a 6" reflector, which I have fun with. I know just enough to get myself in trouble. My friend is eyeing a scope too. This looks like a pretty sweet setup. http://www.opticsplanet.com/celestron-omni-xlt-120-refractor-telescope-21090.html...
  19. S

    Scope of Mechatronics engineering

    Guyz is mechtronics engineering a reasonable degree to pursue at undergraduate level from a university with world ranking of 350 if you want to build a carrier .Also suggest some good universities among top 50. I am from Pakistan and have got 11A* in O level and 3 A in A Level.Your help would...
  20. AYPHY

    Physics Physicists' Earning adn Scope of INT MS with Physics

    How much do physicist earn cause i want to be a physicist. My parents and friends want me to taks CS as my subject and do B Tech. They say a CS engineers earn around (160,000-300,000)$ a year. And they also say there is no scope of a physicist in India. Well I am confused so help me. I want to...
  21. tanmay

    Engineering What is salary of an aeronautical engineer?

    Sir It is my dream to become aeronautical engineer. So I want to know what is Minimum & Maximum Salary of aeronautical engineer in India & Out of India? Is Aeronautical engineering has really good scope in future?
  22. R

    Engineering Is there any scope for an Electronics and Telecom Engineer?

    I am from Electronics and Telecom Engineer.Most of us get placement in software industry which is not our core field. My straight forward question is there any scope for an Electronics and Telecom Engineer? If yes,what are the options or career path so that I can remain stick to My core branch...
  23. mishima

    Gravitational Lens with home scope?

    Would it be possible to capture a gravitational lens with a decent amateur scope coupled to a reasonable CCD?
  24. R

    Job scope of Actuaries and Statisticians

    Hi, I'm hoping some of you could provide me with information about actuarial and statistics work. I like a diverse range of problems and creative solutions. Other fields I'm interested in are engineering and computing. I like visualization and am interested in using computation to model real...
  25. W

    Evaluate Used Wittig W2022 Scope - Ideas & Procedures

    Hello PF'ers... I just picked up a Wittig W2022 Scope on E-bay. I would like to give it a thorough evaluation, however, this is to be the highest precision item on the bench - does anyone have some good ideas or procedures for running this through its paces? Perhaps even an eval form...
  26. B

    Exploring the Scope of Physics: Can Big Bang Theory Be Verified Experimentally?

    Hi, I have finished 2 years studying physics, and 1 year studying teaching physics. From the first lecture in the university, students are taught that physics is an experimental science. The strength of physics is that it could be verified experimentally. If someone has some doubts...
  27. K

    Is Scope of Classical Physics decreasing?

    Hi guys, Just ran into a debate with friends about this topic. We were discussing whether the scope of pure sciences (in particular, Classical Physics)decreasing over time? Has it decreased till date? The fact that newer questions posed now a days are tougher than the times of Newton and...
  28. S

    Optical scope for general purpose

    Hi, I'm interested in doing small projects for curiosity. I'm designing an optical structure as shown below. Please tell me what kind of lenses (concave, convex, plano concave etc.. ) to be used at different points of the structure.
  29. ShayanJ

    Gravitation: Experiments Proving Its Scope

    I don't know how famous are Iranian physicists,but anyway.Once I was watching one of the videos of the Reza Mansouri's lectures on GR,it was the first or the second lecture in the series I guess and so he was just talking about general aspects of Gravitation.When he was explaining about the...
  30. J

    What is the relationship between mass and energy according to E=MC^2?

    Quick question... does that equation refer to any type of matter, like a point particle? Or does it refer to atoms that have nuclei that are attached by the strong force? Lemme put it another way. Take a point particle, an electron... now if you found a way to convert that single electron into...
  31. A

    Scope of Pauli's Exclusion Principle

    What is the scope of Pauli's exclusion principle? When we say two particles in a system cannot have the same quantum state, how do we choose the system?
  32. DiracPool

    Gauge Theory Explained: Fundamentals, Scope and Postulates

    I've been reading up on gauge theory and it isn't easy. Can someone give me an easy summary of its fundamental scope and postulates without too much math. It seems really important insofar as it defines itself as something of a "parent" theory to most of the leading cosmological models of the...
  33. V

    Chemistry Special Branches of Physics & Chemistry that have scope in the future.

    I require some guidance on my career. My school offers a very vague stream sellection in the senior secondary section(Grade 11). I do wish to specialise in Physics or Chemistry as these subjects interest me quite a lot. To do so I must opt for the 'Science with Computer Science Group) at school...
  34. A

    Scope of PhD for a Mathemacian in Nuclear Engineering

    I have completed my graduation in Mathematics and enrolled myself in a MS course in Nuclear Engineering. I have intended to have a PhD or MPhil. Is there is any scope for students of mathematics to research in any topics grounded on mathematics in Nuclear Engineering? Please suggest me!
  35. M

    Proving the Cosine Sum Identity for a Discrete Interval

    "Proof Beyond Scope of Course" Homework Statement \frac{1}{M}\sum_{j=1}^{M}\cos(mx_{j})=\begin{cases} 1, & \ m \equiv 0\pmod{M}\\ 0, & \text{else} \end{cases} Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution is statement truthfully accurate? how to show this?
  36. D

    Interesting experiment with night vision IR scope

    I have a hand held night vision scope (Russian made I suspect.) Came with a small Solid State IR "lamp." The IR source is separate and battery powered. It has a built in hand operated charger that you squeeze several times and it will hold a "charge" on the sensor for a while and then...
  37. P

    Programs Scope of PhD((or MS/PhD from US)) in A&A?

    Hi, I am a first year student of ECE in India, I am really really interested in Astronomy and Astrophysics and was hoping to get into a BS in Physics program in IIT Kanpur or IISc Bangalore however I fell short of it in JEE. However after doing a bit of searching online I see that several...
  38. E

    Guidance/advice required for engineering Physics involving scope and career

    [Mentor Note: Poll at the top of this 2012 thread has been deleted] I will be studying Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Physics in Germany. I wanted to ask the scope of this degree ? I have excelled knowledge in Physics and have at times impressed my physics teachers in A Levels with...
  39. F

    DMA Scope: Affordable PC Oscilloscope for PWM Waveforms

    Hi, i need an oscilloscope but i don't have money to buy one, so i was thinking about some way to use the PC to emulate an osciloscope. I saw on internet people using the sound board, but they say that's a lot of interference... So i found a PC Oscilloscope and i wanted to know if it works. I...
  40. davenn

    Stargazing New Celestron CPC 925 XLT Telescope Arrives - Dave's Story

    Yipeee ... my new scope has arrived :) hopefully tonite It will make "first light" last nite was cloudy http://www.telescopesdirect.com.au/Celestron-CPC-925-GPS-XLT-Computerised-Telescope?sc=189&category=-289 Golly Gosh its some what bulkier than I expected hahaha, I was hoping to...
  41. S

    MATLAB MATLAB Simulink: Incomplete plot in scope

    Often, after running a model in Simulink, the graph displayed in Scope is incomplete.. ie the initial portion of the graph is missing and only a part of the final portion remains. If I open the scope window as soon as the model starts running then I can see the graph being plotted but after a...
  42. W

    Schools Scope for Quantum Information theory - Graduate school and beyond

    Hi, I am a student in Europe. I have been reading through the posts on Graduate schools and the essays like the one by Zapper on how to become a physicist. I am now in the stage of searching for a PhD position. 1. I would like to know what you guys think about the scope of Quantum...
  43. C

    The scope of computer scientists

    Would you consider a computer scientist (someone with a PhD & doing research) as a traditional scientist? I mean, there's no rigorous method that defines computer science as a "science" in the proper sense that is guided by the scientific method of making hypotheses, gathering evidence...
  44. LarryS

    Scope of Hilbert Space of a System?

    In QM a system is represented by a Hilbert Space rather than a classical Phase Space. So, system A might be described by Hilbert Space Ha and system B might be described by Hilbert Space Hb. Mathematically, Hilbert Spaces are many things, but the first thing they are, at the most fundamental...
  45. S

    Building a Recoil Simulation Machine for Scope Testing

    I work for a company that manufactures and sells night vision scopes, day time optics, lasers, and pretty much anything that mounts to a weapon. I wanted to test our equipment to see how well it holds up to various recoil of different weapons but ammunition is very expensive and it is very...
  46. S

    Scope for pursuing physics masters in the US.

    I am a second year engineering student currently enrolled in an undergrad dual degree program in BITS Pilani , India. I'm doing M.Sc (Hons.) Biology and B.E (Hons.) Chemical engineering which constitutes a 5 year long course. I am really interested in pursuing a masters degree in physics in the...
  47. E

    Safely probing flyback primary with scope

    I am working on a flyback AC:DC switching converter design which converts wall power to DC. The design is working but I wanted to probe it for some characterization data. I do have Earth ground in my design and it is wired up exactly like this TI EVA schematic...
  48. A

    Engineering Please please reply soon scope of engineering physics

    I wanted to know the scope of engineering physics in future. i also wanted to know what is the core study that is done in this subject and which type of establishments or companies pick such students?what are the areas in which we can get post graduation...like can we get it in nano science or...
  49. A

    Scope of Engineering Physics from IIT?

    Scope of Engineering Physics from IIT? please tell me about wat we are taught in Engineering Physics. Wat is the scope of this branch ?? shall i take it in IT BHU ?? (i am geting that Branch here easily)
  50. J

    Scope problem when filling a vector of base class pointers.

    I'm trying to write a simple program to calculate the impedance of an AC circuit consisting of an arbitrary number of resistors, capacitors and inductors combined in series or parallel. First I ask the user to create the components they wish to use in the circuit, and this is where I hit the...