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Vehilce simulation, matlab simulink

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    hi there, i am currently developing a vehilce simulation model using matlab simulink. The simulation requires a vehilce to be simulated travelling around a simple race track. the vehilce model itslef has already been created and have all necessary vehicle input data for the simulation. the problem i have is that i have to simulate the vehicle approaching a corner from a straight line and decelerating at first 0.4g and then 0.8g, so that it travels around the corner at 10m/s. therefore i need to have a function that will determine the braking point relative to the stopping distance, (obviously the same as the distance to corner) and relative to velocity. as i have to perform a sensitivity analysis by changing other parameters the velocity will be different each time it is run so i need the function to determine the braking point by itself. is there any funtion you knwo where i can combine these two input parameters?any help appreciated

    i have also posted in the coursework sectin as i was unsure which was most app.
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    ok this no longer seems to be a problem now as i have managed to figure it out, however my calculated deceleration distances and the formula used to calcualte deceleration rates do not seem to match as the vehcile arrives at the corner at 10m/s about 2 seconds too late. i think the problem may be with the forumla used for calculating deceleration rate of the vehilce. i assumed a deceleration of the vehilce at 0.4 g to be = 0.4*9.81*weight of vehilce, if you could let me kno whether this is correct it would be appreciated

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    Hey man,

    Send me your simulink model. Id like to run it on matlab and see how it works. Maybe I can help (probably not).

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    ok dude, but i cant find an attachment function in th email. i will need an email address to send it from my email account.
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    just upload it using a file share service like imageshack.
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