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Matrix, in which there is a column of 0's or a row of 0's

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    Given an n x m matrix, in which there is a column of 0's or a row of 0's, would it be equivalent to write the matrix while neglecting the column or row of 0's?
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    Re: Matrices

    What do you mean by "equivalent"? If, for example, you were asked to the nullspace of a matrix, obviously, a row of 0's gives a solution that you would not get if you neglected that row.
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    Re: Matrices

    If you are using a matrix to solve a system of equations (like one would do in a beginners linear algebra course), then you may skip writing rows of zeroes since they give you no information. But in general, you should not skip a row or column of zeroes since it changes the properties of the matrix (as mentioned above)
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    Re: Matrices

    I see. Thanks for the replies.
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