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Homework Help: Maximum jerk for experimental module

  1. Jul 19, 2011 #1
    Maximum "jerk" for experimental module

    1. A landing module has a mass M with three springs each of stiffness k that hover over the surface (height not given). If the final touchdown velocity is to be Vtd, what is the maximum jerk (time rate change of acceleration) the module experiences given a gravitational accerelation g during the time the springs are undergoing compression?

    2. J = da/dt; F = k x. Also expect answer to occur when velocity is maximum

    3. I have concluded that the module must free fall before the springs compress based on free oscillator relation x = A Cos(pt) + B Sin(pt) where p = Sqrt(k/m). It seems that this problem is missing info but an answer is given with only M, k, g, and Vtd values known. Any guidance is appreciated. Thx.
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