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Homework Help: Maximum scattering angle for 2 body collision

  1. Apr 26, 2013 #1
    I've got a question that asks what the maximum scattering angle in [itex]\nu_\mu e \rightarrow \nu_\mu e[/itex] is. The electron is stationary in the lab frame and after the collision has [itex]E >> m_e[/itex].

    The answer given is
    \sqrt{\frac{2 m_e}{E_e}},
    independent of the neutrino's energy. How can I get to this? I can't think of an approach that doesn't involve the neutrino's energy at all.
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    If you use the neutrino energy in your calculation, it should vanish at some point. You don't have to know that in advance to calculate the scattering angle.

    A higher neutrino energy leads to a smaller neutrino deflection angle at the same energy transfer E. It is interesting that the result is independent of the neutrino energy.
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