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I Maxwell's Equation's From Klein Gordon

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    This is a follow on from the following thread where I put a little 'challenge' to the OP.

    It probably didn't really interest him so he didn't do it, but I thought I would post it anyway - its quite interesting - you wouldn't think it would be this easy.

    First you need to read the following to see how you get the source free Maxwell's equations from the Klein Gordon:

    I will work in units c=1

    First you see what happens if the E field is no longer source free by defining p =∇.E. Call p the charge density and reasonably assume whatever it is, is conserved so the continuity equation δp/δt + ∇.J = 0 applies. Reasonably we call J the current density. Let U = ∂E/∂t + J. Then ∇.U = 0 ie you can find a B' ∇XB' = ∂E/∂t + J. Of course this holds even when J=0 so ∇XB' = ∇XB and ∇XB = ∂E/∂t + J.

    You then have the 4 Maxwell equations.

    Does anyone want to see how you then get the Lorentz Force Law? Its from writing out the Lagrangian but will be happy to post the outline.

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    This can't be used to show that there's no magnetic monopoles, right? Isn't that just an empirical observation?
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    Correct. That's why I only gave a source to the E field.

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