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May please have some career advice

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    Hello, I am new to Physics forum, and i have found that this site offers great advice to those who need it, I am sixteen and have just started A level physics, I am really enjoying it, and i wish to possibly take this to Uni as a undergraduate for further study at Bacholer, masters and maybe some day Phd level, but since i was not allowed to take A level math, since i toke it at foundation level in GCSE, many people are opposed to that idea saying that i probably could not do University Physics it due to this. This has begun to worrie me now and i would like any advice on my issue.

    Thank you
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    I can't see why you can't fix your Maths weakness.

    Why not do a GCSE higher in Maths this year?

    Then next year do AS level mathematics.

    The following thread has many tips for doing physics without the full A level:

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    There is a University near me that allows those who have not taken A level in math the chance to do fundamental physics which leads into a normal Bsc course, I thought this would be brilliant, But I was just wondering whether i could do this and still possibly go on to higher degrees and research work, and possibly to teach when I have a Bsc?
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    No problem. You'll be treated just like any other BSc student. In my experience, no one bothers to look at A level results once you have a BSc. Better have a good BSc for research though! 1st or 2(i). If you slip lower than this then you can still teach - after taking PGCE - or maybe get into research via the back door (doing a taught MSc...)
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    I was thinking of a Masters as the course allows me to take one year of foundation, and then transfer to any course availabe, general physics Bsc, masters theoretical, etc.
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    Hi there Ant 92,

    Physics requires more effort than high mathematic levels at a Bsc level. Hone into the remedial math as you conceptualize the necessary fundamental physics array and then as you approach your third year look to a course in tensor calculus. Get the basics first then transfer into a master/doctoral program. You should have no problems at all, btw, which school are you attending.
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    In spite of the title, this is more a question of academic guidance, thus this thread has been moved.
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    I am currently attending Cardinal Neman Catholic School sixth form, and I am planning to attend Sussex University.
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