Me solving 2 electrical network problems

In summary, the person is seeking help with solving two electrical network problems. The first problem involves finding the current through a 5Ω resistor using Thevinins eq. They remove the 5Ω resistor and use KCL to determine the node voltage, which leads to a Vth of 14.28v. They also calculate the Rth and use it to find the current through the 5Ω resistor. However, the given answer is 4A, so they ask for help. The second problem also involves finding current through a 24Ω resistor using Thevinins eq. They use KVL and KCL to get equations for Vth and Isc, and then solve for the current through the
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please help me solving 2 electrical network problems


In first problem I have to find current through 5Ω resistor using Thevinins eq.

So, in first step i removed 5Ω resistor with open ckt. hence Ix=0 hence the dependent source becomes zero. 4A+1A that is 5A going up. then kcl at above node yields me node voltage 14.28v

so my vth comes 14.28v

now, as Ix becoming zero and dependent source becoming zero we can calculate Rth=1.1428Ω
so to find current thru 5Ω

I will be 14.28/6.1428... hence i got answer as 2.34A.

But answer given to me is 4A.

please help.

In second problem also we need to find current through 24Ω using Thevinins eq.

I applied kvl at input side & kcl at output side got two equations

solving i got Vx=15v == Vth

then solved for Isc which i got 0.48A
Current throgh 24 ohm i got 0.271A

am i correct?

please help
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An electrical network problem refers to any issue or malfunction in a system of interconnected electrical components or devices. This can include problems with wiring, circuitry, or individual components.

2. How do you approach solving an electrical network problem?

The first step in solving an electrical network problem is to gather information about the specific issue and the components involved. This may involve conducting tests and measurements, tracing the flow of electricity, and identifying potential causes of the problem. From there, a systematic approach can be taken to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

3. What tools or techniques do you use to solve electrical network problems?

Some common tools and techniques used to solve electrical network problems include multimeters, circuit testers, and wiring diagrams. Additionally, knowledge of electrical principles and circuit analysis techniques can be helpful in diagnosing and resolving issues.

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The time it takes to solve an electrical network problem can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the issue and the expertise of the person solving it. Some problems may be relatively simple to diagnose and resolve, while others may require more time and effort.

5. Can electrical network problems be prevented?

While it is impossible to completely prevent all electrical network problems, there are steps that can be taken to minimize the likelihood of issues occurring. This can include regular maintenance and inspections, proper installation and wiring practices, and using high-quality components.

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