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Mecanism for cutting peat moss bale

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    Hi i want to know what kind of mecanism could be used to cut the 3 bottom side of a 135 cubic feet peat moss bale moving on a convoyor. i thinked about a moving down hydraulic cylinder with a Frame in U form, but i dont know how my blade will move from side to side?
    Maybe in a groove??

    i add a drawing for understanding

    thanks to all!!
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    How about put it on a small conveyors that stops for cutting then transfers it on. That won't interrupt the flow of other bales.
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    Well it could be a good idea!!, i have to cut 3 buttom side and one upper sides of the bales for a good dumping of the peat moss even in winter time,so do you think bandsaw would be good?

    The next step will be to do a height cut on a bale

    I add a drawing for real this time lol!

    thanks for everything

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    I don't quite understand how you want to cut them. Maybe because I have no idea what peat moss is :P The diagram looks like you're talking about cutting the bottom off and leaving the offcut in place? That sounds like asking for the saw to pull the bales around or jam.

    In my experience, in sawmills the saws are all making vertical cuts, and the logs are flipped over to cut different sides, then forced through the saws using knurled rollers pressed against them, or by being clamped to a moving carriage.
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    i have to cut the bale and dump the peat moss into a shredder who willl drop the peat moss directelly on the production line. So the best cutting configuration is to cut 3 bottom side,1 vertical side and one upper side. So the bale whatever the season, because the bale freeze in winter, will dump and the plastic will be remove in one piece.

    So i can't do like sawmills because of the plastic, i will not be able to remove the plastic on the bale

    thanks to you, sorry for my english
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    Now I'm even more confused. I just discovered that peat moss is some kind of topsoil, which I guess would be loose except when frozen, and the bale is a closed plastic bag?

    Do you just want to open the bag so the contents can fall out? Can't you do that by passing it over some static knives?
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    yeah it's a compressed top soil, like my drawing i want to cut the bale with band or rotative fixed saw. This way i don't stop many times and don't loose time. i already have a hydraulic mecanism who gonna cut the height of the bale with a fixed blade on a frame. The big problem is to remove the bag, i can flip the bale and use the fall to remove the plastic but i can,t target the good mecanism for that

    You are making effort to understand my problem, i appreciate it thank,s buddy

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    may i suggest cutting the bag wide open, then using some movable vacuum suction cups to pull the bag apart and release the contents?
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    i think the plastic under the bottom of the 2t bale will stay here even if you use suction
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    but he already said that he could flip the bale
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    Are you talking about making these cuts all the way through the bale of peat moss.
    It sounds to me with your 3 cuts on the bottom, one cut vertical, and one cut on top, that you want only surface cuts so the plastic bag can be removed.

    By the way, I think a saw would gum up with heated plastic and do more of a rip, pull and tear rather than cut.

    It might be that you are over-engineering this, and the simpler solution would be a person with a sharp knife cutting the plastic bag open.
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