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Hi. Right now, I am interested in entering an engineering program in University. The fields I am thinking of are Mechanical or Aerospace (Possibly Computer). I enjoy Math, Physics and Chemistry, and learning how things work definitely interests me. This is why I am thinking of going into engineering. But, I am not really hands on person when it comes to mechanical things. I could probably read a book and figure out how, say, an engine works, but when it comes down to actual mechanics and working on vehicles or the like, I am hopeless. Would this pose a problem for me if I was to go into a program for mechanical engineering? It may be wrong of me, but I generally associate "Mechanical", with "Mechanic" and "Mechanic" with working on engines or cars in general. Maybe if some of you Mechanical engineers could enlighten to what learning the field involves, that would be great.
Welcome Uteng,

You don't necessarily need to be hands on but it does help! So when you go into engineering you might want to think about joining communities such as student AIAA, ASME, etc so you will get some hands on experience with several design teams.

If you are still in high school I would not worry about it to much.
Hi there:

As far as I can see, you are doing just fine.

Keep your focus on engineering and computer work.

I went to school of engineering. I thought that when I get my degree, I could work on my car etc. I was dead wrong. School of engineering is not necessarilly about doing the mechanics work. It is about learning and understanding technical principles and theories, solving problems, improving existing technologies and bringing new technologies to the commercial arena.

Engineering education is designed so that studenst with no major prior experience in certain areas, can move forward and successfully complete the given assignments. That is the reason why there are professors, teaching assistants and other students so people can get help when needed.

You can always do mechanics work in your spare time. With all respect to the mechanics work and people who take care of it, mechanics work by itself is not the main focus for someone who wants to go to school of engineering.

My peice of advice is as follow: enjoy what you are doing now and try to do your very best covering as much as you can -- as a result, all other pieces of the puzzle will fall into place one way or the other ...

Good Luck!



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