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Mechanical Engineer Interview for Career Project

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    I am working on a career project for school about mechanical engineering. I would prefer to have more than one answer though because it would give me more details of the job and what I could expect from it. If you would like to give me any tips, recommend some colleges, important things to know or classes to take, etc. that would be really helpful. Thank you in advance for anyone who decides to take the time to answer this post.
    Tell me about your education.
    Why have you chosen this particular field?
    What interests you the most/least about the job?
    What are the responsibilities and accountabilities of this position?
    Would you describe an average day on the job?
    What are the key challenges or problems of this position?
    How are you evaluated, and in what time frame? Is there performance standards used in an evaluation?
    With whom do you work? Do you have a supervisor?
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    Sorry mate, we aren't allowed to answer these...
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    Yes, sorry, for privacy and anti-phishing reasons, interview threads are no longer allowed at the PF. Thread is locked.
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