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Mechanical Engineering Career Path

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    I am a Mechanical engineering student and I would really appreciate help with finishing a report I have to write. I have to interview mechanical engineers and ask them about their careers but I don't know that many (almost none) engineers in real life. The purpose of this report is to compare my idea of what my career path will be like to the actual career paths of engineers. I will then have to identify differences and issues that may arise in my "ideal" career path.
    I was hoping I would be able to find some engineers that could answer some questions for me. Hopefully it doesn't take too much of your time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The questions are as follows:
    1) How long have you been working
    2) Job changes in that time
    3) promotions attained and key factors contributing to them
    4) type and nature of work duties/responsibilities over time
    5) significant factors they see as important in determining success

    Thank you for your time.
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    I forgot to add...you DON'T have to use your name or mention any company names when you are answering the questions.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Wish someone answers your question .
    I am a student as well , and such analysis is well needed when we go to the job market . I dont want to live in a utopia(of fat payment is there for me I only need to finish my courses) which sharers AFTER I finish my student life
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    Please help, the deadline for the report is March 31st. Thanks.
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    I am a non-standard mechaniacal engineer in China. Hope my answer be helpful to you.
    1) I have been working for 7 years
    2) I have changed 3 Jobs. Now China changes very quickly, so most young Chinese change there job very often as well.
    3)Now I am a chief mechaniacal engineer and I am responsible for the chief mechanical design of new machine.
    4)First I am an assistant, to help other engineer finish some detail design and drawing; then I make some subassembly design by myself; now I make chief design (caculation and main structure) of machine; in the future I hope I can do some marketing job as well, when you know the machine you can sell it better, when you know the market, you can do design job better as well.
    5)The most importance is to finish project on time and no serious problem happen. Keep a low cost.
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