What is Engineering career: Definition and 47 Discussions

Engineering management is the application of the practice of management to the practice of engineering.
Engineering management is a career that brings together the technological problem-solving ability of engineering and the organizational, administrative, and planning abilities of management in order to oversee the operational performance of complex engineering driven enterprises. A Master of Engineering Management (MEM) is sometimes compared to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) for professionals seeking a graduate degree as a qualifying credential for a career in engineering management.

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  1. AimaneSN

    Getting into an engineering career with no degree...

    Hi there, I need some guidance regarding a personal ambition of mine. I am currently working as an actuary in the insurance field in my native country (not the U.S. nor Canada) after having taken undergraduate courses in mathematics and physics some 6 years ago. And though I get to use my...
  2. C

    Aerospace engineering career advice

    Hello About me: I am a transfer junior Aerospace engineering major at U of Minnesota and will be getting a degree in physics from U of Wisconsin the same time I graduate from MN (don't ask how that works, it just does). I have had an REU nuclear physics internship (+ a year and half of nuclear...
  3. VoloD

    Engineering Resume advice for Engineering/Physics Job Search

    Hello Everyone I have recently been working at a construction department for my state ( I live in the USA). I have learned so many things from this job, but I am looking for something more related to electronics, programming, or technical consulting. One of my points mentions creating...
  4. J

    Engineering Biotech and Biological Engineering career prospects

    I am finishing my Biomedical Engineering BS next semester but I want to learn more about Molecular biology so I've decided to take a year or so in Molecular biology BS and get a better feel for it. Then going into either BioEngineering or Biotech. Which is better for job and salary outlook? I...
  5. A

    Engineering Engineering Career Guidance needed

    Hi Everybody, I have often found myself reading through the discussions on these forums but never ended up taking part. I came here today because I desperately need career path/education advise. Many of the people who regularly post on these forums appear to be very knowledgeable so I can't...
  6. M

    Engineering Nuclear engineering career guidance help

    hi, I am a second year nuclear engineering student. can a nuclear engineer work in a particles accelerator, or in a synchrotron.If yes in what nuclear fields should I specify ?
  7. T

    Engineering Nuclear Engineering Career Opportunities as a PhD

    Hello All, I just got my B.S. in Physics and am now beginning a PhD program in Nuclear Engineering focusing on radiation detection using semiconductors. I very much enjoyed my Physics degree and want to stay in fundamental research for my career, in which case I would also say, I have no...
  8. D

    Engineering Engineering career after MSc applied physics

    I have a MSc in engineering physics / applied physics, but i decided to not continue with a PhD, and instead try out my luck as an engineer in the industry. I'm currently working with structural analysis, but I feel somewhat overqualified for most of the work I do, so I feel like switching to...
  9. Donello

    Engineering Power engineering career prospects?

    Hi,I am enrolling in an Electrical engineering program at one of the best schools in Europe (RWTH Aachen, Germany). Starting at the 4th semester, I will have to choose one of these fields of concentration : -Power engineering -Nano and Micro electronics -Information and Communication...
  10. 1

    Engineering I don't know what to get a master's in -- Medical physics? Engineering?

    I'm a Physics Undergrad Junior, and I'm currently studying for the GRE's but I don't even know what I want to get a masters in. I refuse to go for a PhD in anything primarily because I don't want to be used as slave for 4+ years, and I have no direct passion in anything. My ideal requirements...
  11. T

    Any tips for Excelsior's online electromechanical degree program?

    I will be starting classes soon through Excelsior College. I will be pursuing their electromechanical degree program. It is completely done online which is really great for me since I am in the Navy and cannot go to a onsite school due my work schedule. I would like to know some tips that can...
  12. P

    Engineering Engineering Career Survey Questions: Insights from Professionals

    Good evening, forum members... I'm currently enrolled in an Engineering class in my school and I'm considering engineering as one of my career pathways, but I would like to know the good, the bad, and the prospects of an engineering career before making a decision. I'm also interested to know...
  13. A

    Engineering I need advice on an engineering career path

    Hi, I'm 23 and I go to gateway community college in new haven ct. I have been taking my core credits and it is now time to pick a degree. My original intention was to get my accounting degree (fathers choice), but I despise it. My school has a few engineering programs and I'm 95% positive that I...
  14. H

    Engineering Direction To Engineering Career: Work is Unfulfilling

    I currently have an entry level desk job in engineering at a large defense contractor. The work and lifestyle is...very boring...to say the least. Right now my work is not very challenging (I suspect because it is entry level right now, but I have seen people with 5-10 years of experience doing...
  15. S

    Engineering Thinking of switching from mining to civil engineering - any advice?

    Hi all, I used to post a bunch of questions on these forums back when I was doing my undergrad and am back for some career advice! I live in Canada and graduated with a mining engineering degree 4 years ago. Since graduating I've realized I'd like my career to shift more into the civil/...
  16. A

    Automotive Engineering career advice

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on what I should do in order to work in the automotive engineering field. Right now I am a freshman at Coastal Carolina University as an honors student in the Applied Physics major with a focus on engineering. I am on track to...
  17. D

    Engineering BS in Physics to Engineering Career

    So I am about to finish my BS in physics from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). I do not want to be a physicist anymore. I am wanting to get into the engineering field for a living and realize it is hard to break in with a physics BS. I also realize that if I get a masters in...
  18. D

    Engineering Is Python useful for nuclear engineering?

    hi I am a second year community college student and I'm interested nuclear engineering. Is there any material like books or online sources that I can read to see if I want to go into this field?
  19. E

    Engineering Path to Mining Engineering Career

    So, I am a student at the university of Richmond, a small liberal arts college, and my goal coming in was to go for the 3/2 engineering program partnership with Columbia, but I decided that I wanted to go into Mining and Minerals, which happens to be one of the few Engineering programs that...
  20. S

    Engineering Computer Engineering Career Paths

    The university I am currently at offers three "concentrations", if that's what you want to call it. They are hardware systems; communications and signal processing; and computer architecture, software and systems. What is the current job market like for these three areas? Are all the jobs...
  21. S

    Engineering Genetical Engineering Career Guidance

    Hi! I'm currently in high school and am extremely interested in biotechnological subjects like genetics, genetical engineering, dna recombinant technology etc.. What field should I aim for? #confused.
  22. D

    Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Career Benefits?

    If I study AE will it enable me to get a job outside Aero Industry? Should I do Mech E instead?
  23. E

    Finding the Right Path to a Successful Engineering Career: Victor's Story

    Hello everybody, I am Victor Moussalli, 17 years old, just starting grade 12 of high school. My passion is energy efficiency. The only types of engineering that I like are: environmental, energy, and electrical. I want to know what is the best path to take; university or not, to guarantee a...
  24. interhacker

    Engineering Starting engineering career after PhD in physics.

    If someone has a Bs in electrical engineering (or pretty much any engineering field), can he spend ~ 6 years pursuing a PhD in physics and then continue his career as an engineer ( in other words, get jobs that require only a Bs in engineering) just in case no good physics jobs are available...
  25. C

    Engineering Weighing the Pros and Cons of a Mechanical Engineering Career

    I am thinking about being a mechanical engineer but there are a few things I wanted to take into account before I picked this field. First, the amount of available jobs is important. Second, salary. I'm not a money crazed person but I plan on raising a family. I want to be able to pay...
  26. A

    Engineering Mechanical Engineering Career Path

    Hi Physics Forum, I know the question is broad, but I do wish for advice on this matter. I will be graduating in one month with my degree in Mechanical Engineering and I was hoping for some guidance based on my education and experience. I have completed three internships and one senior...
  27. N

    Engineering career conlsultation

    hi i am senior in high school and looking forward to engineering. i am currently interested in software engineering and would like any advice/information that's helpful. i have heard its a good career, but for some reason it seems that its not very common among engineering, as i have seen that a...
  28. O

    Is 30 too old to start an engineering career?

    If someone studies engineering physics, nd agets his masters degree in nano science at 30? Will it be too late to start his career?
  29. B

    Engineering What are the most promising areas in biomedical engineering for future careers?

    Hello! I'm a 3rd year biomedical engineering student, and I'm supposed to choose an area of interest in order to specialize. I'm interested in a significantly broad range of areas, such as radiology, MRI imaging, cardiovascular assist devices, genetic therapy, neuro-cumputational...
  30. C

    Questions about aerospace engineering career

    I am considering a career in either astronautics or aerospace engineering. I have always been interested in space travel. It's one of the few things that I actually spend time researching (along with the physics involved with it). I am hoping to work with NASA or a company such as Virgin...
  31. B

    Best place to begin a Civil Engineering career

    Hows it going? Graduate of 18 months with only 2 months experience since graduation. Living in Ireland where the economy is dead and buried and the job scene is hopeless so I'm looking at emigration. Spent the last year in Australia where I done my 2 months before being told I wasn't going to be...
  32. jbrussell93

    Engineering Optical Engineering career path?

    I am a senior in high school and currently deciding on what I want to do with the rest of my life as many others are. I have always enjoyed optics. I enjoy reading up on optical physics and up and coming optical technology (and of course playing with lasers). My question is would I enjoy optical...
  33. M

    Engineering Engineing Career Path: Starting Undergrad & Future Options

    I will be starting a undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering shortly and just have a few questions about what I should work for in the future. I have a few different career paths that I would like to pursue but don't know if they would all be applicable. I am interesting in working for a...
  34. M

    Engineering Mechanical Engineering Career Path

    Hello, I am a Mechanical engineering student and I would really appreciate help with finishing a report I have to write. I have to interview mechanical engineers and ask them about their careers but I don't know that many (almost none) engineers in real life. The purpose of this report is to...
  35. M

    Mechanical Engineering Career Path

    Hello, I am a Mechanical engineering student and I would really appreciate help with finishing a report I have to write. I have to interview mechanical engineers and ask them about their careers but I don't know that many (almost none) engineers in real life. The purpose of this report is to...
  36. H

    Prospective Nuclear Engineering Career

    Hey all, I'm going to be graduating this year from high school and attending college for engineering, but as for what type of engineering specifically, I'm kind of up for grabs. Nuclear engineering really interests me though, so if anyone could forward me to some good sources of information...
  37. I

    Engineering How to get back and build Engineering Career

    Hello everyone, I've difficulty on finding a path to my engineering career. I've a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from a reputable top 50 engineering program U.S. university. I'm certain that I've fully capabled to cover entry-level engineering responsibilities and climb up to the top from...
  38. C

    Engineering How do I acquire the skills needed for an engineering career

    How important are the creative problems solving abilities? I'm currently enrolled in an Intro to Engineering course at a local community college. In which, I had huge trouble coming up a creative (or working for that matter) design. Is there any way to improve this skill set? If so, how...
  39. K

    Engineering Engineering career with good job prospects

    So today, in high school, my Econ teacher told us that a few reputable economists are forecasting 20% unemployment by 2012. And I was wondering which engineering degree would be the safest or least vulnerable to such a rise in unemployment. The engineering degrees available at the college...
  40. B

    What Does It Take to Build a Career in Engineering?

    Name : Email : Optional 1.How would you describe yourself? 2.What influenced you to choose this career? 3.What specific goals have you established for your career? 4.How many years of schooling did you have to go through to become an engineer? 5.What kind of things do you do on...
  41. J

    Engineering Nuclear Engineering Career Options

    Hi All First post, so: Hi :smile: I'm in the final year of a MPhys Physics degree at St Andrews Uni, and I expect to do pretty well. I've been thinking about going in for the nuclear industy beacuse I'm a bit of an idealist, and I really think nuclear power will help the UK. The problem is...
  42. W

    Engineering I have been thinking about a physics or engineering career

    .but there is a problem! I'll start with Engineering, I would probably chose aerospace or electrical engineering(concentration on robotics/AI)...Maybe robotic spacecraft . Engineering seems too applied for me. I like to be on the absolute cutting edge, and I am afraid if I go into...
  43. G

    Engineering PhD in physics after engineering career?

    I was curious if anyone had experience with going for a physics PhD after having a decent engineering career. I've been considering the possibility of this, and am currently working and refreshing my memory on the physics I've learned (and eventually teaching myself more) in some of my free...
  44. D

    Engineering Specific Software Engineering Career

    I am currently finishing up a B.S. in Astrophysics, and will start my second this fall, in Computer Science, Software Engineering concentration. My career goal is to be a code monkey for math, science, and maybe engineering applications, and maybe do some technical writing, too. I know pretty...
  45. A

    Engineering Which Engineering Field Should I Choose: Aerospace, Civil, or Mechanical?

    Well I like the maths and physics a lot so I am going to study an engineering, at this moment I am considering 3: aerospace engineering, civil engineering or mechanical engineering. I like the three, that's why i need your help to make a better choice. the diferences, etc.
  46. N

    Engineering B.S. Physics, Engineering Career

    Hello friends, After graduating with a B.S. in physics from a State University recently, I among others in my class are looking for work. Realizing the line of work I am most interested in resembles research and development, and perhaps electrical engineering, I'd like to go back to school...
  47. T

    Engineering Can Engineers Find Opportunities in Central/South America and Spain?

    Hello, I am presently studying Mechanical Engineering, earning my Masters degree in the United States. My emphasis is in energy and thermal sciences. My graduate degree program will culminate in 1.5 years. Soon thereafter I will likely seek employment overseas. Having traveled Europe this...