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Mechanical Engineering or Microbiology?

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    hey there......just wondering if I can get some suggestions choosing the sub I wanna grad. from..

    The thing is that I just finished my high school n now got chance in both Mechanical Engineering n Microbiology......I think I'm pretty good at Physics..n also in Math n Biology...tho I really don't like Chemistry..mostly the Organic part..and I think that it'll really be hard for me 2 study any sub without Physics..n I've always wanted 2 study ME.....but now I'm really confused if I will get any good job if I graduate from ME....n in our country(a 3rd world country..Bangladesh) when it comes 2 ME jobs ppl really prefer guys over girls..cause they say we have some limitations n not good enough for outdoor works....but I love practical classes n would love 2 work outdoors....but I heard Microbiology has better job opportunity..now I'm really confused which sub I should pursue....if any1 can plz give me some suggestions..
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    Do you guys have bio-medical engineering? I think that's actually a great marriage of your two interests, though I have no idea what the bio-tech industry is like in Bangladesh.

    How badly are women discriminated against? Is it moderately harder to get jobs or insanely more difficult? There are lots of labs in microbiology, and you can do field studies, and in the end microbiology may actually have as much/more hands on stuff then mechE.
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    nope..there's no Bio-medical eng. here....n tho I'm good @ Biology, I've no interest
    in it. And ME is my dream sub.
    Well u'll get a job maybe..but after the hard time in Eng. college u may not like a low paid job n in my case a desk job. And there maybe a clause like "Will prefer male candidates".

    thnx for ur kind reply..
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    Do mechanical engineering if that is what you want to do and then move.
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    That's what always throws people for a loop. Bio-med has a ton of mechE in it, it's just specialized and applied.

    I almost always suggest going with what you love and dealing with the consequences later, but I get that in your case it'll probably be torture. If moving isn't an option after you graduate, you may want to do microbiology with a strong biophysics bent, if you have that option. Another option may be chemical engineering with a structural focus.
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    maybe I'll do that....gonna try out the luck thingy..I already choose ME over CheE n Electronics & Communications Engineering..so can't switch now......thnx a lot u ppl..
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